Ookami-san : Review

(This post was originally written on September 21. Valence is currently on hiatus)

How do you generate a new, completely unique anime? Tweak around with an original plot? Change some character archetypes? Keep some character archetypes? Or perhaps throw in a new kind of narrator? Add some humour and action on the side, and hope it comes out a-okay?

Well, perhaps, no, a little, maybe, and no. Ookami-san seemed great from the get-go but has ultimately crashed into the sea of anime to be duly forgotten. Warning though : Forgive me for sounding pissed, the last episode just made me angry.

For the most part,it isn’t the original light novels’ fault for this failure to launch. Ookami-san suffered from the same disease that plagued plenty of other shows which seemed great that aired this year, such as Ookami Kakushi (oh god, it’s like foreshadowing) and Angel Beats!, both of which have had very bad endings. What is this disease? Poor time-management. Ookami-san left a bitter taste in my mouth for me, like the feeling that something was missing. Something was missing from the perfect experience, the great ending I was looking forward to.

What do you mean, Ookami-san suffers from poor time-management? Well firstly the characters, plot, and perhaps everything was just touch-and-go. One touch, plot point checked, next part. It’s  like we never get to see much of the characters in detail, or even the plot in detail. We’re rushing through the show, not enjoying it as much as we would have. This is most obvious towards the final arc, when they take on the school full of hooligans and delinquents. It’s too sudden for us to get in the zone. Had Ookami-san had more episodes, perhaps they could express this better.

The second problem is allocation of time, to all the wrong things. When time could have actually been spent on the final arc as well as some enigmatic characters such as the president of Otogi Bank, time was instead spent on lolis, lolis, lolis, lolis, tall lolis, breast jokes, and lolis. It’s almost as though J.C.Staff’s primary aim was to entertain otaku – ones with bad taste,at that. Well I’m sick of it. Having yet another tsundere lead and evil loli was enough for me, but then more and more lolis were introduced. A pompous one, a nympho, you name it, they chuck it up – and out- at the poor audience. Time was spent not developing the plot, but instead on trying to entertain the audience. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t as entertained as I hoped I would be.

Episode order is another problem too. If I were the producer, I would take the liberty to arrange it so that episode 11 becomes episode 12.  Episode 12 can either go to hell or be moved in front, where I could introduce Machiko as a recurring character! Huzzah! More action, an explosive ending as well as more characters for the audience to laugh over! Now isn’t this a win-win situation. Instead, J.C.Staff places this episode about a love-triangle at the very end. We don’t even get to know what happens after that. What happens to any of the characters, in fact? It felt weird to have such an ending, and honestly I didn’t like that episode either.

And the characters -whoo,boy. For an show that parodies several characters from famous fairy tales such as Little Red Hiding Hood, you would think that the characters steal the limelight. Well, sorry but no.

The protagonists remind me of the jelly I had the other day. Whenever I took a scoop, the fruit cubes inside floated about, but never much. That’s how I think of this show’s protagonists – no , in fact this is how I think of all of this show’s characters. All of them are like asteroids floating about in space. THEY DO NOTHING. Characters are thrown in, then meh, then they leave. Ryoushi is the greatest example of characters being randomly thrown in. Their characters seem to all take a turn for the worst,except for Ryoushi since he’s the Highschool Hero as well as the Pussy Male Lead. Ookami-san is shown to be tsundere, and overall girly, and Ringo is just corrupted to the core.

The antagonist was bad too. I couldn’t even remember his name. Apparently he can fight well, he broke up with Ryouko for some reason and now he wants to do bad things to her, he wants to bring down the Otogi Bank, and shit. Is there really any reason why he does any of this? From what I see all J.C.Staff has succeeded in doing is make some of their underdeveloped characters creepy so they’d seem like they have some actual storyline, just unelaborated. Remember Liszt actually OPENING HIS FUCKING EYES? That must mean he has some bad blood with Shirou too. Development! Drama! Tension! And then we forget it in the next few minutes.

Music selections was bad too. Although nice to listen to,they are surely forgettable. Not to mention how playing the theme song every time there’s some kind of action and drama starts to piss me off. And I also hate how Ryoushi starts to voice out lessons he  – and the audience- should learn after every fight. It just pisses me off.

So overall, I’d give it a 6 or 7/10. The narrator could have been less – or perhaps, more annoying. God I loved the narrator, she had the greatest development.

Please return in Index II.


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16 Responses to Ookami-san : Review

  1. trewdys says:

    Valence come out of hiatus your blog post is broken!

  2. Nopy says:

    I actually enjoyed the comedy, but there could have been a lot of improvement with regards to character development and plot. I guess you can’t really expect much from an anime based on a series of light novels that aren’t even done yet.

    • Valence says:

      >Series of Light Novels that aren’t even done yet

      True, but why is this an excuse for mediocrity? Plenty of other series out there have been similarly based on running series of popular (i think) light novels and yet have not been as mediocre as Ookami-san has turned out to be. I mean, some even go on to get sequels, like To Aru Majutsu no Index. Anyway, Ookami-san should have been better planned out. It’s like they jumped in without foresight or planning and were trying to get out as fast as possible.

      • Nopy says:

        I can’t argue with that, seems a lot of anime production companies are just animating any manga that’s popular in order to make more money.

    • Valence says:


      But that isn’t always the case. Who honestly has heard of K-On before it got animated?

  3. Ex14 says:

    mediocre? no way. tbh I find this to have more substance than HOTD and the most of K-ON!! combined…I hated how the left the ending as it is, A probable precursor to a sequel season, but yea. it was decent =/

    I think someones a bit biased against bad endings here XDD

    O and sinceI can;t wish you on the other post, LUCK FOR YOUR EOYS~

    • Valence says:

      I should really start studying. EOYS are in a week ._.

      And well, not mediocre? I find this to have more worthless scenes than HOTD. I can’t say the same for K-On!! but that’s another point.

      You see, it isn’t because of the bad ending. It started going downhill for me since episode 5. Every episode started to degenerate into your generic, typical romcom anime. How many times have we seen the tsundere lead, tough on the outside but soft like cotton candy on the inside? The characters aren’t exactly revolutionary, the plot shines, but ultimately starts to decline half-way into the show.

      Of course, comedy was there. But nevertheless, that’s only one of 3 promises they managed to deliver. They failed at the other two.

      • Ex14 says:

        you really should! XDD

        lets be fair. All animes after you watch a few turn out to be a typical anime stereotype. =/ I mean you will reach a stage where you realise most are following a predefined fomula/pattern. this goes for music games etcetc.

        But honestly don;t mind me. I think i know where you’re comming from but your tone of the post made ookami sounded nmuch worse than it really is and being the dedicated tai….I mean OOKAMI fan I had to put in a good word for her and her seven companions

        nad as iatake my leave i would like to add…I really hope the fanservice trend stops >_> not to hit on HOTD but there were a few wtf and cringe worthy sences that didn’t make sense and just spoiled the enjoyment of the series =w=

      • Valence says:

        @Ming Xuan : The way I see it, if they had marketed Ookami-san as fanservice to start with they might have been more entertaining or less of a disappointment.

    • Valence says:

      I didn’t mean it seriously, I meant it as a joke. I believe that if a show wants to do fanservice, then they should just do it from the start and without shame. No point having it cloud up the storyline.

  4. Yi says:

    That’s disappointing. I never planned on watching this either as it seems like another forgettable show. Glad I missed out on the poor pacing and haphazard personalities.

  5. biotoxic says:

    When I saw this post go live I was still on Episode 10. FUNimation took a while finishing it, but I got here eventually.

    Yep got to agree with you here – Ookami-san could have been a lot better. So many possible points could have been developed but instead they were completely untouched and forgotten about.

    The antagonist, whoever he was, totally sucked. There was absolutely no reason at all for what he was doing and any possible explanations omitted. And so many side characters popping up for an episode and vanishing into the abyss after.

    While I love the narrators voice I found her dialogue too intrusive at times. Not like I was missing anything in the end anyway :\.

    • Valence says:

      Exactly! The antagonist comes in with trying to exact some non-specific revenge on Ryouko for some reason I don’t comprehend, and then has god-speed fighting skills, and loses to the Otogi Bank’s president, who seems to have some unexplained backstory as well. And all the side characters were fucking useless.

      Narrator is love. But yeah, she could have popped up less.

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