Half-time Review : Mitsudomoe

Mitsudomoe is about 3 gifted high school girls in their quest to infiltrate the evil base camp of Britannia’s empire, disguised as a school for ‘children’, who are actually all adults older than they are. Paying not (a infinite amount) much heed to their sexual desires, the three girls, Futaba, Hitoha and Mitsuba  plot and scheme to take down the enemy commander, Yabe Satoshi by getting him to have sex, and thus break his reputation as the most chaste person in the Empire in order to break up his forces. For an anime debut, Bridge has repaired the bridge that links anime to good, high-quality entertainment – and that bridge is Mitsudomoe. After all, it already has a second season announced! Only awesome things get sequels right? RIGHT.

Let me get it straight, Mitsudomoe is the best piece of shit airing currently, not to mention the best thing to ever be created in THE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE.

Mitsudomoe falls under the genres of psychological , action, ecchi and horror. While the title make not seem like it, this show will actually be the blast of your life. Literally. The girls come armed with their own arsenal of weaponry, in a sense much a la parody format. This show makes plenty of shout-outs to other shows out there, be it subtly, or by the three main characters themselves.  Haruhi’s sitting right there. RIGHT THERE.

The story breaks into multiple universes, tearing down their boundaries and combining them into one kick-ass universe.

In a sense, Mitsudomoe makes shoutouts to the shows it seeks to emulate. And of course, all of these shows are well-loved by many. Remember Naota from FLCL? Mitsuba is a direct clone of him, albeit changed to suit the context of Mitsudocooly. (MTCL.) In this scene, her horn is being treated back in the Japanese army headquarters with invisible ink so as to allow her to infiltrate the system better. Her horns give her the Geass of  the Empress, in other words to possess a domineering queen-like presence over the other (male) classmates through sex and sheer power. Her instrument is the Deering Eagle II.

I suppose it isn’t right to say that Bridge was seeking to emulate some anime. In fact, some of their parodies made fun of other anime they presumably thought was utter nonsense. In Japan, blonde hair isn’t a natural hair colour, but Beatrice of Umineko seems to be some kind of Japanese character, even when you take into account her western name. Nevertheless, Hitoha is their metaphorical middle finger and ‘Fuck You’ hat to Umineko. She has the power to summon red truth, which makes all men fear her. Yes, Mitsudomoe is a feminist anime. It glorifies the female gender. It displays the female gender as strong-headed, brave and independent, while males are shown to be weak in the knees and all sinners.

Also, she’s a parody of Light Yagami. The book she carries around, Sex Note, is used to lure unsuspecting male soldiers into a trap. Thinking that it contains porn, they open it ,only to have their minds consumed by a Shinigami, Nipples, who blinds and scars their feeble minds with pictures of people fighting dogs while dressed in costumes coloured in every colour of the rainbow.

Futaba….I haven’t really figured out who she’s supposed to be a parody of yet. All I know is that she pees spider urine through her nose.

Oh wait, she’s a parody of Fist of the North Star and Spiderman! That only makes this show all the more awesome.

If the characters can’t convince you of my undying love and admiration for this show, let me write out my emotions through logical linkage. I loved Kodomo no Jikan. Kodomo no Jikan’s main draw was its sex jokes. Sex jokes draw in watchers. More sex jokes draw in more watchers. Mitsudomoe has plenty of sex jokes. Thus, Mitsudomoe has greater draw. I like shows with draw. And so on.

Also, sex jokes aside, the action is awesome. I shit my pants whenever Futaba dismembers someone’s limbs, or when she flies through the air shooting down emeny Neuroi. Furthermore, the comedy is strong. I never laugh. People who know me know I’m a very serious person. I’m always serious, and I hardly find anything funny. This show is thus a champion.

This scene made me laugh 5 times.  Okay fine, I only laughed 5 times in 10 episodes, and some of the laughs can be attributed to me going insane over insane physics homework and listening to endless re-runs of George Carlin, but I digress.

The last time I remembered classical music being played with epic action scenes was in Mars of Destruction, yet another thrilling action comedy anime about infiltration and penetration. This scene is the scene where she gets booted into mid-air ascent to battle the enemy Gundam with nothing but her bare fists, her combat suit (disguised as a school swimsuit), and of course, her spider mucus cum pee.

Also, the show delves with lots of deep, deep , philosophical themes.  In this scene, Hitoha and Futaba infiltrate the Empire’s station in the oppressed city of Tokyo-3. Hitoha, in a bid to let Futaba escape, gets left behind, only to be raped by a man about 3 times her size. This scene must have been one of the most symbolic scenes in the show. There are multiple meanings if you want to look at it, such as the purity of society being ruined by the damage war brings to us. War is the juggernaut in this world. It’s the threat everyone fears, the bringing of danger to society that countries try endlessly to prevent. But eventually under its immense weight countries will be forced to submit.

As such, Mitsudomoe is the most manly funny awesome gut-crunching mind-bending world-changing parodying bitchslapping ballot-casting child-abusing Michael-Jackson-Impersonating anime ever made in the history of anime.  If you like this, you have good taste. If you dislike this show, you have balls.

I have balls.

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12 Responses to Half-time Review : Mitsudomoe

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  3. alucard13mm says:

    Isnt Britannia.. a dictionary or encyclopedia? lol i remember i had a computer with windows 95 and it had Britannia dictionary/encyclopedia that came with it (which was almost useless)

    lol ill check out the series when i can ^-^

  4. Ming Xuan says:

    Finally! Someone who is sane in this sea of animations corrupted by insanity-inducing chemicals.

    • Valence says:

      High-five, comrade. Welcome to the faith. This is the last stand. We have to protect Mitsudomoe as quality entertainment to all those people out there, who call it a piece of crap. No, they are pieces of crap! THIS SHOW IS THE BEST SHOW EVER.

  5. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about but I get this feeling I should have watched this show…
    On the bright side that leaves me the chance of marathon-ing this show and enjoying all its epic, awesome, all the random action and occasional nympho moments in all its supposed glory.

    • Valence says:

      Key word : Supposed.

      Prepare some extra clothes. This show will blow your mind – and your gut.

      There are hardly any nympho moments at all. It’s all action and psychological thriller. Hang on to your seat when you watch it.

  6. trewdys says:

    >My brains

  7. hiroy_raind says:

    strong candidate for the top three of the season, this anime is.
    happy to see you’re also watching this, I am.
    sad to see some other people did not like it because of the art style, ridiculous they are.

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