Ookami-san suddenly reminds me of Project’s Day Finals

Just had an Ookami-san marathon, and since Project’s Day finals just ended today (or yesterday to be exact), I could not help but notice several damning similarities between our final product and Ookami-san.

Our final product, The Young English Baroness, was our so-called whole-year project, to put it simply. It’s basically a novel, but I’m not here to talk about my project, I’m here to relate it to Ookami-san.

1. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi parodies several fairy tales and the like, such as Little Red Riding Hood (Ringo) and the Wolf (Ryouko.) Our final product ,  The Young English Baroness (TYEB for short), parodied gothic fiction. Both of these are parodies of a particular form of literature and story.

2. Ookami-san had parodied stories using its characters, twisting them from the original source material, such as Ryouko being well, Ryouko. TYEB parodied other gothic works by using its characters, twisting them from the original source material, such as an intelligent Frankenstein’s Monster.

3. Both have one male who fall in love with the female heroine but is unable to tell her and receive reciprocated feelings, at least not openly, and vice versa. Ryoushi gets rejected when he confesses, but since Ryouko is tsundere, Ryoushi works to get her love. In TYEB, Richard, our main character, is in love with his boss, the noble Eudora, but is unable to tell her so because of their class difference. Thus, he works to get her love.  Both love interests for the two stories feel the same situation.

4. Both stories include lesbian, or almost lesbian lolis. I’m not making this up. Ringo repeatedly hints at her desire to do nasty things to Ryouko. In TYEB, our heroine, Eudora, has a secretly incestuous lesbian sister. Both are children-like characters.

5.In both stories, every single character , or almost every single character, is a parody in some way. In Ookami-san, most of the characters are parodies of fairy tales. In TYEB, most of the characters are parodies of other gothic tropes and works, such as Dracula.

6.Both stories include a clumsy witch-like character who wears a black cloak and an over-sized witches’ hat, with stitches and patches to fix the hats. In Ookami-san, there is Majolika Le Fay (I know she’s not exactly a witch but still.) In TYEB, we have Lillian.  Did I mention that both are lolis?

7. Both heroines are (probably) flat-chested. TYEB’s heroine, Eudora, looks like a 12-year-old, or even younger. Ookami-san has Ryouko and Ringo, the constant target of the narrator’s mockery.

8. Both hint , or state rivalries between lolis. TYEB hinted at Eudora chasing Lillian out because she was taller than her. We have the epic battle between Otohime and Usami in Ookami-san.

9. Both have narrators which are…unusual. The narrator in TYEB often narrates about random ‘coincidental’ happenings, the narrator in Ookami-san pokes fun at the two characters.

10. Both have really protective little girls. Eva follows Eudora around, constantly worrying about her sister’s safety. Ringo follows Ryouko around, constantly worrying about her friend’s safety.

11. Both protagonists have the ability to use ranged weapons. Ryoushi uses a slingshot, Richard uses the traditional bow and arrow.

12. Both have subtle references to Spice and Wolf, if you want to over-analyse things.

13. In both stories, the heroine is tougher than the protagonist. Richard and Ryoushi both fight only when spurred to, but retract most of the time.

14. Similarly, both ‘tough’ heroines have a ‘cute’ and girlish side. Ryouko reads novels targeted at young females, as well as liking cute animals. Eudora is incredibly child-like and clumsy at times, especially when cooking.

15. Both stories include one single plot device/ source which fuels the entire story, causing all the tension as well as setting for both stories. We have a loop system in Ookami-san which results in positive feedback for the schools as well as a good environment, leading to the rise of delinquents and the mastermind behind the scenes. In TYEB, all of the problems stem from the evil spirit of the previous owner of their mansion, a slain bandit lord, cursing the inhabitants and causing most of the problems in the story. Both heroines are terrified by their respective antagonist characters respectively.

16. Both are fucking funny and cannot be criticized.

I could go on, but it’s late. Lucky fellas doing parodies next year for Project’s Day Competition , there are treasure troves of information hidden in places you’d never expect.

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19 Responses to Ookami-san suddenly reminds me of Project’s Day Finals

  1. Lenneth says:

    Hope you get to grand finals =D

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    I beg to differ on point no. 16.

  3. trewdys says:

    Where can I read your ‘novel’?

  4. Azure Hoshizora says:

    So any chance of letting us read your project?

  5. Err never heard of The Young English Baroness in the internet world.
    3.3 so when your done show it to us ^^
    lol 1 year = 1 week ….dam..

    • Valence says:

      We had to rewrite our story after we appealed into the finals, so I guess so.

      …but I don’t think I’m allowed to upload that on the internet. School regulations on intellectual property and whatnot. Besides I think my group would object to this…so sorry I guess?

  6. Valence says:

    Ahh heck it, whoever wants it just inform me, I’d probably end up sending it out anyway.

  7. Nopy says:

    Every story takes from something else so I’m not surprised that Ookami and TYEB are so similar. All that matters is that you enjoy it.

    • Valence says:

      Yep, but it’s honestly creepy to see how something you’ve worked on for quite a while turns out to be so similar to something almost everyone can access, but I guess it’s okay, since we enjoyed writing it 😀

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