Tsundere [Post 150.]

What…what? The blog’s hit 150 posts already? Am I happy? Of…of course I am, you moron! God-damn it, I go to the effort of posting something every few days at unearthly hours, and you ask something like that? S…stupid readers!

D…don’t get me wrong. I’m not posting because I like any of you. I …I just had some free time, that’s all. It’s not like I wrote this post to appreciate you readers or something..of course. Don’t get so full of yourself! As I said, I’m not writing this because I like any of you.  You all are s..such i-idiots sometimes. You should all go and burn in hell!

What, this post wasn’t good enough for you? Go visit some other blogs,  see if I care!






Wait! Come..come back!

I’m so stupid! STUPID STUPID STUPID! Come back, readers!

Why…why can’t I be honest with my feelings for a change?


Why can’t I be honest?

I …I…

I love you guys!

I don’t know you other than your internet aliases, but I love all you readers all the same!

Please…please come back!

I’m sorry for calling you an idiot…you’re better than that.

Please…..I’m sorry!

You.. you came back!

I’m sorry I ever said those words…

I couldn’t come clean with my feelings….please..

please don’t leave me like that again!!

I’m sorry, I’m …I’m such an idiot…

such an idiot…

I don’t know you….or I might…but I appreciate you guys…

I appreciate you kind of people!


Erm…marking the 150th post….I’ll reach greater heights…just you wait and see!

I’ll prove it to all of you!



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35 Responses to Tsundere [Post 150.]

  1. bd77 says:

    Meaning, you’ll be breaking the 200th post barrier… soon. =D

    • Valence says:

      i-idiot! Of course…Of course I’ll reach the 200th post thing sooner or later! It’s not like I do this kind of stuff for you guys or anything, or that I like blogging. I…I just have lots of free time, that’s all! I…I don’t like any of your blogs at all! Don’t get so contented!

  2. Lenneth says:

    picturing you really saying all of this makes me shiver ><

  3. massd95 says:

    I’m classifying this under “Really creepy”, “too much time”, and “You seriously need a life”. No offense.

    • Valence says:

      …Hmmph! I took 3 minutes of my time to post this, and this is what I get? I get called less creepy than I already am, and I need a life again? Go to hell, moron!

  4. Ming Xuan says:

    That was strangely disturbing, however it is not compared to my daily experiences meh.

  5. Azure Hoshizora says:

    You make a pretty convincing tsundere…
    I think the only thing you lack is twintails, which I highly doubt you have~ 8D

    • Valence says:

      I doubt I have twintails too. Thank god for that , I’m male 😀

      But that would have been way too creepy, even for my tastes. *shivers at imagining self with twintails*

      Cannot unsee D:

  6. Nopy says:

    Congrats, that’s almost as many posts as I have. I really need to blog some more.

  7. flyzice says:

    I guess I’m the only one who think it’s funny? Maybe I’m already immune to Tsundere after watching too much anime =W=

    By the way, congratz.

    • Valence says:

      …i..idiot! You think I wrote this just so you could think it’s funny! Well, it’s not ..not l-like that! Don’t get so full of yourself! I don’t need you to congratulate me at all! I …h-hate you! Stop thinking so highly of yourself!


  8. Yi says:

    Haha, this post made me smile. You make a lovely tsundere.
    Congrats on post 150!

  9. Canne says:

    You already beat me!
    I have just posted my 100th post a few months ago and that took me two years o_o

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