Drossel slated to return in 2011 – Life is good.

Shining duchess of robot awesomeness Drossel is slated to return to TV screens once again in 2011.

via SGCafe.

Hopefully this will provide an interesting sequel to complement that cliffhanger-esque ending we got from Fireball.

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6 Responses to Drossel slated to return in 2011 – Life is good.

  1. Nopy says:

    Cool, I didn’t think they would continue the series. It’s funny how Drossel doesn’t even know what she’s installed with.

  2. Yi says:

    Awesome. I actually never knew Drossel was from a series. I used to think she was robo Miku; then I found out that wasn’t true, and I kind of just thought she was just a designy character.

  3. Yup same here, didnt think they would continue it, YAY MOAR! =D

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