Happy National Day, Singapore!

“This is home, truly.

Where I know I must be.

where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows

This is home, surely.

As my senses tell me.

This is where I won’t be alone,

for this is where, I know it’s home.”

Perhaps it was due to celebrating national day, or perhaps due to all that time spent learning about Singapore’s past, from its struggles during the Japanese Occupation to the intricate workings of its society today, but I’m celebrating National Day. I’m proud to live in Singapore, heck, I’m proud to be Singaporean. National Day fills me with a sense of euphoria I can’t describe, other than it being nationalistic pride and joy.

I love you, Singapore.

Happy 45th National Day, Singapore!

Majulah, Singapura! Majulah, Singapura.

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  1. Lenneth says:

    picture of a little girl huh…

  2. Happy national day to you too ^^

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