A brief respite at Grand Cairnhill

Just back from a brief chalet with family at the Grand Cairnhill, Singapore. It’s nice to step out of the house, and not care about school, to just simply relax during the weekends and the long National Day holiday – exactly its intended purpose. So we went to stay there for 3 days, spanning from Saturday to early this afternoon.

You can roughly expect all the stares I got from my relatives.

Dinner is always awesome. Steamboat for the win! I love steamboat. I just like how much it’s like a buffet. Whatever you want, -plop- , into the water , wait a few minutes and out comes cooked food! Besides, I love the atmosphere. We hardly get together as a family, with everyone there and making merry. Everyone laughing, without much of a care in the world. Heck, the only worry I had was probably the Chelsea-Manchester United match the next day. (Man. U won 3-1, thank god.)

Kagami seems to love the food as well 😀

The units were really cozy as well. For starters, we were living on the 28th floor, so it was really quiet and tranquil. I’d expect those living on the 9th floor , where nearly all of the hotel’s facilities are located, to have a really hard time sleeping. The floor was carpeted too, and we had awesome views of the city from the window. However, it was really cold throughout the 3 days. Air-conditioning was the only way to cool the room, and god-damn, was it cold!

Cousin playing with my Figma 😀

Despite the chalet being a getaway from school, I brought along my notes to study at night. Needless to say, it was a really, really bad idea. I was falling asleep, I couldn’t understand shit and mugging with my cousin doesn’t really benefit either of us since I suck at physics and he does not take chemistry.

Another thing I really love about hotel stays is all-free breakfast buffets. Ican’t help myself.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So in Orchard, we went shopping. That’s pretty much the only outdoor-type activity we had. Shopping. But not bad really. Bought a book from Kinokuniya, titled “The Zombie Survival Guide- Complete Protection from the Living Dead”,written by some bloke called Max Brooks. I plan to use this to post about HOTD someday. Also, got two Evangelion shirts from Uniqlo, just because they look nice and were under the ‘All-star collection’, which included One Piece, Dragonball as well as strangely, Galaxy Express 999. One had a shot of Rei, the other the symbol of NERV with one of the initial excerpts from the show on the back.  Got myself a hat that looks like the one ZUN wears, only black , too. I love it to bits. It’ll probably not do me any good in shielding against the sun though.

Everything feels exceptionally cozy there. Coffee tastes better than usual, despite being made with the same stuff.

Got my hand at playing pool today. First time playing, can’t say I did very well. Won against both of my cousins, but lost to my father. I have the weirdest feeling he was holding back, at the last ball especially. He nudged it with the white ball right in front of the hole, as if setting up for me to shoot. He could have scored, but I like to win – and lose- like a man. So yeah, I lost that match, but it was okay.

And lastly, I think I’ll really miss their beds. They’re really comfortable, and who knows what Kagami and Konata do under the covers when I leave the hotel?

Anyway, it was a great way to destress and run away from reality.

Now, back to preparing for school and life. National Day post coming up later, studying comes last, Project’s Day, here I come.

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8 Responses to A brief respite at Grand Cairnhill

  1. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Sounds like you had fun~ : D
    and wow you brought your figmas along too~

    Happy National Day~

  2. flyzice says:

    I played pool once and lost terribly to my dad. None of the balls went =_=”.

    Great that you had fun with your families and the Lucky Star girls. =W=

  3. Daijoubou i get tons of stars..
    jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii O.o

    man i suck at pool >.<

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