Weekly Diary , or a string of random thoughts

National Day Celebrations today.

Mostly spent just singing along to Mr. Brown songs, and covering my ears from the Vuvuzela Brigade behind me. Nothing much of actual interest.

Was checking my email in class when the event ended, when my friend commented on how I have blog views because I’m an animeblogger while he’s a personal blogger. Which I find to be very, very poor reasoning indeed. Just because I blog about Anime, does that make me any less of a personal blogger? Is it not right to say that I blog about my -personal- thoughts about anime? Really, I admit that Anime does make my blog more open to readers, due to its subject but really, it’s still a personal blog.

Got back to visiting Catholic High. God, this year’s turnout was disappointing. There weren’t any Secondary 4s, and Raffles only had 2 people over.However, it was nice to see my old teachers again. Apparently, my Chinese standard has improved, according to my then-Chinese teacher , which makes me both happy and worried at the same time.

Went to celebrate Leslie’s  birthday too, just the 5 of us and a grand time playing card games and making fun out of Nicholas at his house. Ah, the good old days.  Nicholas never fails to amuse. We had to teach him how to play Big Two, and to be honest he kept making all sorts of funny mistakes, like Double 4 beating Double 8, or a triple consisting of 1-2-3. It’s stuff like this that you just don’t feel back in Primary School.

Also, got my charger fixed, my laptop working, and a new addiction to that Panorama function on my W995’s camera phone.

Meh, too sian to blog.

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6 Responses to Weekly Diary , or a string of random thoughts

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Lucky Upper Secs with LT4 meh
    and what Mr Brown songs

  2. Yi says:

    There’s no reason why an anime blog can’t also be a personal blog.

    Anyways, Big 2 is really fun. I use to play it all the time.

    • Valence says:

      Exactly! People think that I’m blogging for the sake of catering to a niche of readers solely because of that, but no, I blog about my own thoughts, although I admit that most of them probably revolve around anime. No reason why an anime blog can’t also be a personal blog.

      And yep, Big 2 is fun. It demands strategy (somewhat) and not just wanton card-throwing and pure luck 😀

  3. Monday is the day huh =)
    well just in case, happy national day! XD
    Shame i have uni tomorrow or maybe i can be excused :3

    Mhmm generally a blog is something personal lol, but ye you tend to wrtite your own opinion/ideas on the anime topic in which still makes it personal ..

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