Random loot, bought out of impulse without any prior planning? Over-complicating things

Well, things got out of hand.

As you’d probably know, I’m sort of a miser. So when I finally withdrew some savings to try to buy Azu-nyan, I was rather disappointed, seeing as how firstly, I was unable to snap up that Azunyan for ~$59 near my house, and two: she was godly expensive here. One store sold her for $100, and that was just ridiculous.

So in the end, I left Plaza Singapura and made the long trek over to Sunshine Plaza. Okay, bus ride. But there was a lot of people, so you bet I sweat like I’ve been already in a strenuous  trek. However, I digress. In the end, I ended up going to KKNM (Ani-Play was closed) and not only ordering Angel Beats Petite Nendoroid Set 2,  but picking up Higashi no Eden, a random K-On trading figure as well as Rei Ayanami speakers for a grand total of ~$70 dollars. Doesn’t seem like much, sure, but to a miserly student like me, that represents more than a month’s worth of ‘salary’.

This was Fail No. 1- being unable to control myself from buying stuff.

Failure no 2: It sort of went like this.

Me: How do I preorder something?

Shopkeeper : You use the touchscreen computer and log in with your account.

D’oh! To add on to my muddleheadness, I bought each item separately. Ordered nendoroid set, paid. Took K-On trading figure, paid. Took Higashi no Eden, wrong counter, paid. Then suddenly spotted the last remaining EVA speaker, paid.

Failure no 3: Being really, really muddleheaded.

I kept asking stupid questions, to the extent she asked me whether it was my first time at KKNM. Worse still, when I had paid for the DVD, I left without it – the counter lady almost had to run out to try and get me! I was so darn embarrassed.

However, on the bright side, I really do love my new speaker. My previous pair of speakers were a pain to set up, not to mention having cruddy quality. Volume, yes. Quality, no. This new speaker simply required me to plug it into my phone, and just play whatever song I wanted. Volume was the same as the phone’s volume, which made it softer, but it was much more dynamic. Besides, it has Rei on it. Thus it is awesome, QED.

Also, found out that the male shopkeeper, both of them, are HCI alumni. Don’t even know their names at all, but we were able to chat for a bit. It’s awesome to chat.

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22 Responses to Random loot, bought out of impulse without any prior planning? Over-complicating things

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Wait what? HCI alumni, and both!?!?
    that goes to proof that HCI students arent future leaders

    • Valence says:

      I think he said the other guy was HCI alumni. I distinctly remember his awesome quote :

      ” Goes to show that if you watch anime, you’ll have a bright future…like me.”

  2. ScorchNRoses says:

    Lol you will get used to it once you’ve been there enough. Oh yea, giving you a warning in advance. Don’t ever start buying on impulse and pre-ordering everything you think you want and then end up like me.

    You will regret that once your expenditure hits 4 digits.

    • Valence says:

      I keep my -termly- or if you want to push it, semesterly expenditure under 3 digits, unless you count the shitloads of money I plan to spend at AFA. Of course, I had the intention to buy them a long time ago, but it was only when I went there did I feel like getting them again. I’ll probably end up selling the old figures that people give me and or keeping them away to make more space for new figurines 😀

  3. misterowl24 says:

    Yes, you need to keep a list of your preorders and ask yourself before buying. If not, when the bill comes, you will be very very shocked. Btw, kurocha seems to have extra nendoroid azunyan so you may want to check them out.


    • Valence says:

      I know, I calculate every thing I spend and record them in a handy little record book. Kurocha sounds promising, although I’d probably end up -not- getting her for now until Touhou Set 1 arrives, and when I recoup my spendage. So yeah, I’ll probably end up -not- buying her in the meantime,

  4. ippius says:

    awww well. once bitten twice shy~

  5. trewdys says:

    Speakers? Why don’t you just use earphones?

    • Valence says:

      When I’m studying, my parents get pissed at me using earphones, and I’m tired of arguing like every damn day, so I use speakers. But the previous pair of speakers I own are damn cumbersome to set up, and very, very, un-portable..

  6. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Ah i took my stuff to the wrong counter a while ago too (=_=”)
    I do my best not to make unplanned purchases by simply not leaving my house…

    • Valence says:

      <My original intention was to check whether the touhou set was coming as well as preorder that angel beats set, perhaps get azu-nyan as well, but I epic failed in planning ._.

  7. Yi says:

    I’m kind of the same. I always feel really out of place and act muddleheadedly when I’m at an anime store. I get so nervous too. Anyways, good loot. ^ ^

    • Valence says:

      Thanks 😀 It’s all the more awkward when since the shop is so small and you’re the only customer there, all eyes are on you. Especially since I was wearing my school uniform. People have this tendency to associate ‘nerds’ to my school, you see o.o

  8. You lazy… you took the bus to go to Sunshine plaza! -.-
    its just around the corner… well sort of ^^
    Ye i was quite disappointed with the prices in Plaza, i so the figma were selling for 80$ O.o wtf

    • Valence says:

      They sell Fate for the cheap though, and yeah I admit, I was lazy. I always walked there, but I was in a rush for time you see. Anyway, Plaza Singapura’s stuff is overpriced.

  9. Nopy says:

    I remember my days of impulse buying, spent quite a bit of money back then. I manage to keep that under control now by thinking back on all the things I bought but didn’t really want before putting down any cash.

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