The life of a Singaporean student?

I’ve been depriving myself of sleep as of late. I find that due to studying too much at night, I can’t study well in the day. I feel weird when I try to study during the day, like a bizarre mix between feeling lethargic and feeling a general sense of disinterest. But then again, when night comes along, being the vampire-like nocturnal student I am, I get into action. And by action I mean I actually start studying ,albeit really slowly.

I end up spamming Cram notes (like this one) and playing around with figurines , as well as surfing the internet. I practically fuel myself on coffee every time I carry out a night session, and it had been the same for the past few weeks. It’s unhealthy, I should stop doing this soon.

Main point being I just don’t like to mug.

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10 Responses to The life of a Singaporean student?

  1. Fabrice says:

    You should study and get it over and done in the day then you have all the time ahead ^^ thats what i do…

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    Caffeine would not help keep you awake after prolonged usage.
    That and you would have more time if you didn’t draw those Cirnos (well at least I think they were)
    and I don’t bother studying *hides* don’t burn me!

  3. Canne says:

    Internet can be distracting at times. Maybe you should try turning off your laptop and stick with papers/books. (speaking as if doing so is an easy task -_-)

  4. ScorchNRoses says:

    My study session usually lasts within 30 minutes to 1 hour. No point studying if I’m distracted. I’d rather study with my full concentration.

  5. biotoxic says:

    I tend to study best in front of the computer where I can access anything I need. Reading books and flicking through paper drives me nuts. Especially when the explanations and examples given are impossible to follow.

    I don’t remember studying much in high school, but I tend to do more at uni. I prefer lab work and practical problem solving instead of sticking my nose in a book and memorising crap.

    Also doodles make boring lectures more interesting. Got to put those print outs to good use.

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