Amagami SS – HARUKA ARC END. Awkward relationships and slipshod story – yet making for an entertaining watch

Thus ends Haruka Arc in Amagami SS, which could possibly be the arc with the most bullshit in Amagami SS, ever. ¬†Perhaps it’s a result of its erratic 4-episode arc-formats, or perhaps it’s just me, but the characters were generally lacklustre and a pain to watch at times. Tachibana just wants to be a normal high school student, living through life day by day and he wants Haruka as his girlfriend. That’s all you really know about him. Haruka then would be more complex – attention-seeking, she wants his love by playing along to his every little action and teasing him from time to time. Furthermore, it turned out that she liked him from the very start – oh god why bother putting up an act? No doubt this would have been character development, but all it did was make the arc even more awkward.

Perhaps awkward isn’t the right term. “Why awkward? What do you mean, awkward?” In retrospect, the word ‘awkward’ can’t describe what I’m trying to say. At the end of the episode, we get brought forward 10 years to Haruka and Junichi’s married life, and both not only look pretty much the same (botox) but also still ‘deeply’ in love.

Not to mention I squirmed about in my seat when I was watching the last part. It sounded so…cheesy. So much like a ham-actor. I kept laughing and squirming at the same time. What I could summarize from the end was this: “Boy likes Girl. Boy dates Girl. They live happily ever after. The end! YAY!”

For an anime which seems set to build upon human relationships, such a misinterpretation of human interaction would act in undermining the series itself. I mean, like what others say, Amagami SS is based on a visual novel anyway, hence the ease in getting the girl of his dreams. , Amagami SS makes me feel like I’m treading on “the line of misogyny”. It’s brutally skewed, it’s inaccurate, it’s awkward and unnatural. It almost makes me hate women, or all girls for that matter. They’re all depicted as selfish arses in the show.

So did I like it or not?

I did.

Oh calm down.

Nah, who am I kidding, I disliked it. From the first arc we can roughly see how the anime will progress. It seems to be telling us that Amagami SS will be a magic carpet ride to the land of all your dreams. Where all people swoon over you, and you get whatever you want. Where everyone is strictly one-dimensional and faultless. Where there is no conflict, internal or external, nor any development, in fact nor any semblance of plot as well. Am I supposed to assume this is how the other arcs would be like? I had high expectations for this arc, really, because I felt some attraction to Haruka thought that the show would be good. It looks set to be one of the best this season, but this arc just lets me down. I felt like my intelligence dropped a few levels. It probably did. And yet I feel entertained. Why? I have no idea, probably my IQ did fall a few levels after all.

Hopefully Sexhair‘s arc won’t let me down.

The redeeming quality is Knee-pit goodness.

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12 Responses to Amagami SS – HARUKA ARC END. Awkward relationships and slipshod story – yet making for an entertaining watch

  1. Lenneth says:

    see…i knew it…tis anime sux…

  2. famfiel says:

    I don’t think that there needs to be any sort of conflict in a romance story. The standard “will they or won’t they” tension might make the ending to a romance anime more cathartic, especially when mercilessly dragged on across several seasons (if that’s your cup of tea), but this is definitely a refreshing change of pace from the usual.

    Also, the protagonists (be they male or female) in romance stories nearly always win over their love interests. The wish-fulfillment aspect is a criticism against the genre, not the series.

    How that’s misogynistic is beyond me.

    • Valence says:

      >How that’s misogynistic is beyond me

      Whoops typo ._.

      Anyway, the series suffers from being so darn similar to the genre. I mean, I too, wouldn’t like a standard tension-filled relationships to be dragged for seasons but it just felt all too bizarre and frankly hard to watch. I guess it’s a result of the 4-episode arc for development and whatnot.

      • massd90 says:

        I don’t think thats a typo.

        • Valence says:

          ‘cos I edited it. But anyway, what I meant to say is how all the women seem to be selfish, one-dimensional dominating bimbos. I don’t know, it’s just me I guess, but it’s how they appear. Annoying.

          >On a unrelated note, how’s your blogging coming along?

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  4. hiroy_raind says:

    you should’ve seen my rection after Haruka said “I like looking at water” on the 1st ep.

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