Strangely Addictive #07 – Franken Fran and MMD / Also, a love letter to the internet

Dear Internet,

I love you. I love how you always find a way to make me laugh, smile, cry, think or feel good. So many of your legion upload their lovely images onto the internet, for me to enjoy myself with.

I love how you always entertain me, despite you never realizing it.  From all the viral videos to all your memefaggots and to all the trolls that lurk around the interwebz.

I love how you always find a way to blow my mind to bits and smithereens; I love how that hurts and I love its after-effects. You never seem to run out of imagination, nor new ideas to make people happy.

I love you because you’d be there for me every day ; you’ll never leave me, nor desert me, nor leave me in the lurch. You’re always there to help me rush un-done work, to relax and unwind , to watch and play together with me.

I love you because you’re always willing to listen to my banal posts and comments. Although you may not always agree with me, you continue to listen on without complaint or anger.

I love you because I like the feeling when I open you up while watching anime on my laptop. I love the feeling of using you to chat, to work, to play, to surf. I love bringing my mobile modem, my little key to open the door between me and you, everywhere with me.

I love you because you’re open-minded and selfless ; you do not discriminate against race, age,sex, gender, or sexual deviance, you appreciate all the people, from the lust-obsessed lolicons of 4chan to the social network addicts on Twitter.  Despite everything they say or do to you,you always treat them the same way. You never complain. You appreciate everyone, you appreciate me, and you reward us accordingly. There’s always something we want deep inside, and you always deliver, knowing what’s on our minds. Like this video of Fran dancing.

I love you, Internet.


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7 Responses to Strangely Addictive #07 – Franken Fran and MMD / Also, a love letter to the internet

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Yes, especially the 4chan.

  2. massd95 says:

    You seriously need a life.

  3. Fabrice says:

    Internet is serious business yesh 😛

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