Amuros closes the Gap : Chapters finally catch up to Chapter 36 -40

As most readers of Franken Fran might have known, Amuros has been fighting with a gap in translated chapters from Chapters 33 to chapter 40. With the inclusion of Chapter 36, the gap has been closed, allowing for easy reading.

Chapter 36, Aura, talks about an actor seeking to increase his reputation by getting Fran to give him an ‘aura’. Basically, he lacks charisma. Fran, ever the medical genius, gives him extreme pheromones,  which lead to both Adorea and Veronica falling fanatically in love with him. After leaving, he goes on to star in a movie, getting dismally low ratings and being forced to work as a host in a host club, suffering at the hands of businessmen every day. In the end, she tries to remove his pheromone gland, but it is too late :his body has learnt how to create these pheromones itself. As a result, Fran gives him plastic surgery, making him extremely ugly : but it is useless.

Sorry for scarring the minds of my younger readers.

Chapter 37, two-dimension, is part 2 of Chapter 36. It speaks of Yuria, the female lead, knowing how the male lead (chp.36 ) likes manga and anime and the such, desires to look just like a character from a shoujo manga. These grotesque changes to the face, body and skeletal structure become so serious that she needs to soak in saline every day to prevent herself from falling apart. In the end, the male lead falls in love with her, but while at the hotel, she fails to soak herself in saline, and you can guess what happens.

I liked this chapter a lot . Kind of ironic how it is after all, inside a manga to begin with.  It’s kind of a parody on how the characters are drawn, I suppose : enormous eyes, small jaw. Especially the ending, which was both disgusting yet hilarious.

Without any hair, damaged pores from repeated treatments and practically no proper hormone system at all, it’s no wonder this would end up. Like a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet.

Chapter 38, Imaginary Self, talks of Mario, who seeks to get with his crush. After Fran saves him from his death by suicide, it is revealed that he was a target of constant bullying. In the end, Fran develops a drug that allows him to become whatever he thinks of. He becomes strong, he becomes good at sports, good at school. However, he learns that his crush has a boyfriend. Depressed and forlorn, he locks himself in his room, feeling no more reason to live.  In the end, he becomes a gigantic sea-squirt, devoid of brain and thus unable to change back. However,Fran extracts his musk and makes perfume for the girl, only to find out that she did not have a boyfriend : it was merely a rumor.

Kind of philosophical, really. Giving up on life makes you completely useless, and what for?

Chapter 39, Imaginary World, speaks of the amusement park, Rolling World, where the mascots have become creatures on their own, hungry for flesh. Remember that pedophile in Brains, who was replaced with the good student to be the girl’s father? Probably not, I doubt you read, but that’s where they went. In the end, it appears that the theme song of the park keeps them in check, and has to be played forever. Plenty of gore in this chapter.

Chapter 40, Buccaneer, is probably the first chapter to include what appears to be able to be a long-running antagonist, namely in the form of the Professor’s oldest creation, Gavrill. Finding the place through a phony letter from the professor,Veronica attacks her, only for the attack to be rendered useless and killed. Fran gets to the scene and repairs her , somewhat with a tinier , inefficient body due to the lack of parts.

Turns out she is after the entire Madaraki estate, luring them out so as to avoid the bodyguard through means of a phony letter. Sending her gang of brutes in, they get ambushed by the miniature Veronica and Fran stitches their corpses together to form a creature to protect themselves with.

Alas, turns out Big Sis can transform. Her body is capable of morphing itself to her will. She turns into a gigantic wolf, before the most epic page of the chapter:

Fran saws herself in half, and using the T-4 bomb implanted in Veronica a long time ago. Distracted and misled by Fran’s scent, Gavrill makes her way into the room, entrapping herself and causing the bomb to go off.

Most epic chapter in ages.

Anyway,I do hope Amuros can keep the good work up. I hope they’re aren’t any more gaps in the future though…


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