Androids and the future, oh my || Or I simply have not watched much new things in the past few months

Since I have pretty much no more commitments other than that of keeping up with my ever-horrid grades, I finally freed some time up to watch new things. Ok fine, I just don’t feel like studying physics right now, but you get the main idea. So, in my ever convoluted efforts to sound witty and philosophical, I have decided to watch Eve no Jikan.

Eve no Jikan, or Time of Eve, speaks of a future where robots have been a commonplace tool and now androids are being used as well. Androids look  just like humans, except for a ring on their head, and thanks to the Robots Ethics Committee, they are treated just like household tools. Those who care for them are ostracized ; labelled as though they have a disease, a social problem, even.

This anime seems to grab my attention. Why? The moment I read its synopsis, I felt intrigued. What would it be like to have such an invention? Would I feel for it? Or would I shun it, treat it like a mere toy? For an ONA – 6 episodes no less- it seems to delve into this realm at first sight, but I’m told that I’m mistaken ; the show is romance and sci-fi in genre.

So Eve no Jikan tells us about Rikuo, a normal highschool student who discovers strange data in their household androids’ data records. The household android, Sammy, gets stalked by Rikuo and his friend Masaki to a cafe that has a rule , dictating that “humans and robots should be treated the same”. ┬áRomance eventually blooms. Think modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Looks like an interesting watch, seeing as how it already has its own feature-length movie. Since the videos have finally loaded, I’m off to watch them.

P.S. Correction. The videos crashed again. Now I remember why I put off watching this series so long.

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  1. scorchnroses says:

    This anime is a gem

  2. trewdys says:

    >emphasize for them

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