Seikimatsu Occult Academy : Of revived corpses, torture rooms and naked people descending from the skies above

Tsk tsk tsk.
Occult Academy starts by showing us a sequence of some random despairing bugger running through the forest chased by a black bird-thing, requesting for a teleport. Alas, he fails and only his hand is left. They start thinking of their next course of action.

Cue trippy OP.

We get introduced directly to Maya, the main character of our show. She’s arrogant, she’s impatient, she’s independent, and she seems to disregard what anyone says. Her father, the headmaster of a school conveniently placed in the mountains dubbed the “Occult Academy”, had just passed away. Maya meets Ami, her old friend. The school was holding a impromptu funeral for the man.

Objective word: was.

Turns out that he dabbled too much into the occult, and that his death was the result of summoning a dead spirit : which, of course, promptly devoured him and turned him into one as well.  He bursts out of the coffin and attempts to kill all the students gathered there. Hilarity Chaos ensues.

Through some research at the library, Kozue, Ami’s friend, with Maya, deduces that the spirit is a lamia, one that possesses corpses and the like. Ami finds some help, namely in the form of JK the spirit dowser and Smile, the mechanic, since he can beat people up really good. Supposedly.

My school in 2050?

In the process of hunting the principal’s spirit down, Kozue , one of Ami’s friends, gets ambushed and turned into a spirit herself. Maya decides the only way to save her is to kill the first person the lamia possessed –  her father. Kozue is pretty ineffective as a spirit though, dropping her glasses like at the start of the show and stumbling to find them, and even crying when getting socked in the face. Hell.

Maya finds her father, and due to Advanced Plot Movement (TM) she promptly cuts his head off to save the rest. But it turns out that the homely, fire-place dinner setting turns out to be some medieval torture room . Bummer. Cue emotional backstory on how Maya loved her father.

Having just killed her father in cold, green blood she goes to the rooftop to scream out her worries. But of course, nothing is ever normal in the school, as she find out.

A naked guy descends from the heavens in a ray of shining light. The end.

Occult Academy seems to have lots of potential. Not only is its animation fluid, I find it entertaining, and Maya seems to be Mio done right. Her seiyuu is also behind the main character in Seitokai Yakuindomo as well. Not to mention the comedy, well for me anyway. I found some parts to be quite funny, especially Kozue’s spirit sequence and that adorable little mini-version of Maya’s white skirt in the flashback.

It would appear that Occult Academy will compete with Highschool of the Dead for the champion of supernatural happenings in a school setting. Who will win? I have no idea.


The first thing we see is the number 2012 in the OP. 2012? Maya? Is it a coincidence?

And also, the principal looks like our principal.

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8 Responses to Seikimatsu Occult Academy : Of revived corpses, torture rooms and naked people descending from the skies above

  1. Ming Xuan says:


  2. trewdys says:

    The clock actually goes from 2012 to 1999, when people were going crazy over theories about the end of the world at the turn of the century, including but not limited to the infamous Y2K bug.
    Also I think we can expect a time skip

  3. About the 2012, probably intentional. But about your principal…. that’s an amusingly creepy … coincidence xD

    • Valence says:

      Not to mention our school seems to think the same, albeit being a boys-only school.

      ..but I wonder : if the 2012 is indeed intentional, was Maya’s name intentional? Maya -> Mayan -> 2012?

  4. Fabrice says:

    I liked the ending. want to see the reactions ^^

  5. Ubas Uzo says:

    this is certainly a helpful write-up Like my Groom of the Stool used to say It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive!

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