Kick to the face

I have decided to start watching Strike Witches tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be a great experience filled with deep characters and awesome animation.



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9 Responses to Kick to the face

  1. howeirong says:

    The SW characterisation and development is actually very good – as long as you can get your mind around the blatant fanservice. A lot of subtle hints – and not so subtle hints – at events that happened in the actual WWII. The characters themselves have personalities based off their real-life counterparts, so the interaction is pretty fun to watch.

    First season animation is fine, but second season is a lot better.

  2. Fabrice says:

    Yay for more panties! :3
    anyway the first episode was alright,

    ”i want to protect people”

    ”okay hoop on the plane”

    >.> <.<

  3. massd95 says:

    seriously man, what is your problem with Strike witches? You haven’t even watched it yet. Unless you are determined to judge something via screencaps and synopses

    • Valence says:

      I don’t know, the idea of the show doesn’t appeal to me ._. I can’t wrap myself around its general plot,but I’m trying to (by watching it.)

  4. Lenneth says:

    lol panties and heavy machine guns…such great combinations…

  5. Madhippy says:

    Over and over again I tried to hand wave these outragous fact like “oh well then need to be able to get the strikers on in a moments notice so thats why they dont wear pants”, then just to F*** with me they then show a nurse in a hospital unrelated to the cast NOT WEARING PANTS! All Rational reasoning is useless for this series…

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