Mitsudomoe – It isn’t Kodomo no Jikan season 2, but still.

Ever since  the speculative Kodomo no Jikan spinoff was announced to be made, despite all its doubt and promise I felt unusually happy. I felt like fucking everything I see, including my laptop. That’s when I realised I love lolicon for all its shameless sexual jokes, upon which I slapped myself silly.

…but until that (hopefully ) Kodomo no Jikan season (fingers crossed) comes out, I find myself watching lolicon anime for sustenance. I’m still stuck on Kure-nai, for all the wrong reasons. When Mitsudomoe came out, I knew I HAD to watch it, despite all my abhorrence for ecchi and whatnot. I’m pleased to say that Mitsudomoe doesn’t have the same amount of ecchi Kodomo no Jikan did – but kept its usual craziness.

When I watched the OP, I noticed that boy wearing the ’69’ hat. FUCKING AWESOME HAT. I swear, if I had such a hat I’d bring it everywhere. I’d be in every photo wearing that darn hat regardless of whether I’m indoors or not. And he doesn’t even have eyes.

So the show starts by introducing Yabe Satoshi, a new teacher in the land of Chipmunk People (TM) , where everyone is actually a gigantic anthro-morphic chipmunk. It starts with Kenshiro’s daughter Marui Futaba, one of the dreaded Futaba triplets (who hardly look alike), killing beating the crap out of every male in class in a harmless game of Fruit Basket Turnover (?) .


Then begins the ecchi nonsense, where the triplets try to make Satoshi get together with his love interest (?) by showing her his penis. Really. I’m not kidding.  Unfortunately, when they actually succeed (and numerous hits ,jabs and stabs to the crotch later), the highly myopic school nurse Aiko Kuriyama mistakes him for a fourth grader…..presumed to be by looking at his family jewels.

So really, in essence we get to see what Kodomo no  Jikan did – take a seemingly useless and incompetent teacher, throw him into some random class filled with lolicon, and of course, have a character which seems to be addicted to everything sexual, a bookworm-like loli and of course, the loli which hits the teacher in the crotch the most often.

..but what I can’t really say I like is how although the humour is of the same subject, it doesn’t feel as funny. Kodomo no Jikan had its main character, Rin , trying to rape  Aoki at every given moment. Mitsudomoe had its characters trying to make the teacher get together with his or her love, albeit in foolish ways. Sort of like some bizarre hybrid between Hanamaru Youchien and Kodomo no Jikan, except less loli-rific.

The character designs are unique (CHIPMUNKS EVERYWHERE D:) , with the children having actually normal-looking bodies, compared to Kodomo no Jikan, which sells on its sexual factor, and Hanamaru Youchien having all the characters at knee-height, probably to capitalise upon its “moe” factor.

Anyway, until Kodomo no Jikan’s spinoff is confirmed  (which I can only hope), it appears that all I shall survive on will be Mitsudomoe.

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6 Responses to Mitsudomoe – It isn’t Kodomo no Jikan season 2, but still.

  1. Lenneth says:

    i liked it…but i prefer its manga…

  2. trewdys says:

    >class filled with lolicon
    Lolicon are people attracted to lolis.
    Lolis are…you know what it means.

  3. Ryuuken25 says:

    I liked the review, I agree with it, through and through. Mitsudomoe has some clever thought out jokes, but some scenes are just out of place, and really there to fill time. I don’t think there will be many episodes, so it justifies the bad jokes, or streched out jokes. Did someone else take notice of how many characters there are in it, way too many in my opinion. Why does it feel they tried to take some shine away from Kodomo jo jikan, 3 main girl characters, same appeal too, hm…

    For the jokes its pretty okay, but it leaves you out to dry a lot of times. If you want a cheap thrill this is IT.

    As for the manga being better, the thing is that Anime and manga are two different things all together, and reading something makes you see something which isn’t there, and watching moving pictures takes the illusion from you.

    Thank you

    • Valence says:

      I guess you’re right. Although I haven’t really gotten the time to catch up on the rest of Mitsudomoe yet, I hope it can deliver just that cheap thrill I’m looking for. 😀

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