Happy Birthday Kagami~! Celebrating blog post number 100. With a party!

Being a raging diehard Lucky Star fan as well as a newbie blogger, my 100th blog post was a big cause of celebration for me. I was happy about it, I just wanted to reserve it for something special. The last time I hit a milestone,  being the 50th blog post, was summed up with depressive ramblings that left me flak from readers and not to mention, the pain through self-depreciation. Seeing as how the 100th blog post would have tied in with the 7th July, it’s quite obvious what I’d do.

(I’d been planning this for the past week or so, once again, drawing flak from my classmates and friends alike, who keep telling me that she’s a fictional character, there’s no need to do this. This, my friends, is why I am the only one within the circle who blogs about anime.)

So without further ado,let the party begin!

A table of tantalizing food ! Plenty of green apples to go around for Kagami and crew 😀

Drossel performs some kind of mecha-kungfu.

..What…what is this? “A severed head, why?”

“Who bought the bananas?” “You’re  over 18 now..” ‘What are you trying to say?” “Let’s play after the party…”



Now for the main attraction: the cake! =D

My my, doesn’t that look scrumptious.

I….I have my own cake too!

A wonderful way to relieve myself of the stress from them O-Level oral exams I signed up for and Project’s Day in the morning.

Now what do you do with the cake?

Not yet another Franken Fran reference

All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate my 100th blog post. I wanted to do something that represents who I am – but I simply ran out of creativity. I wanted to throw a party, but I’d be the only one who would care, so I figured …well, why not. A figure party represents me as a blogger I suppose – quirky, creepy, and obsessed with fictional characters who don’t exist.

Well, that’s that for my 100th blog post. Nothing much,I know, but oh-so-satisfying.

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday Kagami~! Celebrating blog post number 100. With a party!

  1. Alx2oy says:


  2. scorchnroses says:

    This wouldn’t make me go O.O ’cause I have seen more hardcore birthday celebrations >.>;;

    • Valence says:

      Hey, it’s tough when you’re a miserly student with a phone as his only camera equipment as well as a tiny amount of props 😀 My mum was home, so I could not be as hardcore as I wanted to,since she caught me in the act…

      …but of course, hardcore is hardcore, I’ve seen someone assemble an army of Kagami nendoroids for her birthday somewhere on the internet…so much money spent.

  3. Alx2oy says:

    WTH an army! ohmytian..

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