One of many seldom posts on actual life which I assume no-one really cares about since it’s well,actual life so I’m trying to get more attention through attempting to write a really long title.

Post number 99. 1 more to a 100th – reserving that post for something special, or creepy.

Once again, going through the pressure-cooker lifestyle of a Singaporean student. I always felt it weird how we’re encouraged to study through piles and piles of academic achievements and examinations to judge our worth in this society – which in retrospect, destroys any interest we would have had in learning. I vaguely remember a time when I loved Science, but now all I remember of it is v^2 = u^2 +2as, or that my ACE points need to be worked on, or that it’s pulling my MSG down.

Education serves to provide us with knowledge – yet in the process, I find myself finding less interest, but my generation and I are still okay. How will we spur the internet-savvy new generation of tomorrow? I’m already looking at the repercussions : my brother being a shining example of why I should have wished for a younger sister when I was a child.  Education also gives them a misguided evaluation of self-worth : they believe that grades  = character, grades= IQ. I feel that all of this is nonsense, but who are we , members of this flawed system itself, to do anything?

But scratch that, I’m here to get all whiny over something else.

Usual stress and panic : Exams in the 2nd week of school, projects and CCAs and everything tumbling over me. Albeit this is a small amount, yet the stress builds up, for although their quantity has decreased, their magnitude has increased  – Project’s Day is now in the semi-final period, an elimination now would mean total elimination – no retries , no 1-UPs, no spellcards to bomb the stage , nothing. Out, kaput. I still wonder whether I can sit for my SGT promotion test this month,seeing as how the camp I need to take it only takes place next week.

I find myself having the gait of an old man. The entire world seems to rest upon my shoulders, yet I have no-one I can talk to about my fears, my doubts, why I’m feeling stress – for I, myself, am not sure. I feel like a wise hermit, psychological and philosophical, wondering about the flaws in the world. I wonder about everything.

I wonder why I blog, but I don’t remember why, I simply do, and it is who I am now –  a blogger. A blogger who will see his role to the end.

Chinese O-Level Oral and Semifinals on Wednesday. No posts tomorrow.

Go. Fight. Win. This might be our final stretch, but nevertheless we will fight, in the hope of coming out tops.

Good luck for Projects Day Semi-finals. We MUST get in.

And once again, writer’s block stops me from writing coherently.

And also, The Game.

..Now I remember why no-one read my old blog


Preparing for a certain party on Wednesday, complete with cake. Creepy nerds for the win.

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6 Responses to One of many seldom posts on actual life which I assume no-one really cares about since it’s well,actual life so I’m trying to get more attention through attempting to write a really long title.

  1. Alx2oy says:

    Nice long title XD

    Jiayous for your O-level chinese yeah~!……

    and i lost the game..209. D:

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    no spellcards…wait wud?

    but yes i do realise the contradiction and irony that the very system which is supposed to enlighten and enriches our minds actually shackles and lock our creativity
    and yea each passing generation gets more and more worse, of course that includes my generation and me
    it probably has something to do with technology and the importance we place on grades, leading to the kiasuism that is uniquely singapore
    leading to lazy young brats who are snobby just because they have the ability to regurgitate out any needed information during examinations, while students with true intelligence, comprehension and creativity scores low due to their poor memories
    students are forced to conform to this system, bound and shackled by peer pressure, adults’ expectation and hopes for…well hope
    of course in the end what can we do? do we struggle onwards or do we break down and surrender? in this world there is no outright good or evil, we can only choose the lesser evil
    but what then is the lesser evil
    the easy way out?
    perhaps, perhaps not
    who knows, except you yourself

    p.s. that is one long paragraph, meh, you do realize i start to loop my words after a while, well… my creativity isn’t what we call outstanding

    • Valence says:

      I kind of got the idea from that post, but you’re okay, you have a group of friends who join in =)

      My friends just think I’m creepy, but never mind them D:

      They call me that in school ._.

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