A really delayed post of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.


Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou is about a guy who hates the church wanting to be a priest and spread the word of God. Upon reaching the school, and making friends on the way, he is determined to be a ‘Demon Lord’ in the future, and his life takes a turn for the worse..

Story : Yet another harem show? Think again  ; the main character isn’t out to have sex with his harem, nor is he the ‘good guy’ – Akuto is the demon lord, prophesied to be the bringer of the end of the world. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou manages to reverse several tropes in anime – the classic harem, the noble protagonist and the ill-intentioned antagonist. In this case it is a direct opposite – we even have a superhero, Brave, who is on the side of justice – but when he and Akuto fight, the audience would root for Akuto,despite how he’s supposedly the villain. And that’s the beauty.

Although once again I’ll bitch about the pacing. 12-episode series left me messed up and confused at the end. I marathoned the last 5 episodes, and frankly after 2 hours I can’t remember shit. What was the tree again? Why do they want to kidnap Keena? What the fuck is the ‘law of identity’?

Character : Akuto and his harem : Fujiko, Korone, Junko, Keena and Lily. Not to mention Hiroshi, his biggest  fanboy , cum Brave, the awkward looking super hero.

Akuto is a good lead. Unlike the other pussy leads of harem anime who either run away from everything or try and have as much sex as possible for no conceivable reason whatsoever, Akuto actually does something. He has intense and actual power, his personality bringing him one level higher than his other brown-haired counterparts. Oh, and he can actually win on his own. With Peterhausen, yes, but he ain’t needing no help from no girl!

He and his harem, minus Hiroshi.

Fujiko is this overbearing dominatrix who wants to serve him when he becomes the Demon Lord, constantly thinking of darkness and lustful thoughts, often the target of random ecchi magic nonsense, like getting raped by her classmates, getting raped by magic or getting raped by a giant snail. Heck, she’d get raped by anything. But there’s just something that makes you like her, which I’m still curious about. But she is indeed hilarious, and a wretched pile of sin – which I like.

Korone is this silent android with a bunny tail. You pull it, she turns off. Rape imminent? She is actually funny, not simply another Rei or Yuki clone, as of so many we’ve seen.   Her presence leads to many jokes and gags, seeing as how she was sent to observe Akuto, she is constantly near to him…

Keena is supposedly this eternal entity, the previous law of identity or something like that. I’m still kind of hazy on this one. But point is, she keeps getting naked for reasons I have yet to comprehend. Once again testing Akuto’s resolve not to rape them all.

Junko wants to marry Akuto, being secretly in love with him from the start, despite the revelation he was going to be a demon lord. She tried to offer her virginity to Akuto, who , ever the gentleman, refused, triggering a gigantic war between the two families leading to the end. I have no idea how that links, but no matter.

And Lily I simply have not much to write about, except that she’s your staple blonde character, who, often enough, is loli-worthy.

Art : The fighting scenes were okay, but the entire scene seems to keep getting filled with laser beams and a miscellany of random bullets,which may have made it seem incredibly mediocre. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the art is good, but not excellent. I liked the part where countless monsters streamed into the area though.

Music: The OP I liked, the music mediocre enough.


I have no idea how to rate this show. I can’t justify my rating, but I’ll give it a 7.

Closing thoughts:

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4 Responses to A really delayed post of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

  1. biotoxic says:

    The more I think about this series the more I begin to dislike it.

    I guess they tried to be different (not really) by having this reverse role where we cheer on the bad guy; as well as trying to sqeeze in everything under the sun in to 12 episodes.
    But honestly, who the hell was the bad guy in this – in fact what on earth was going on?
    Then I come to the conclusion I don’t care and would rather just forget about this anime.

    (lol @ “Everyone wants to have sex with the main male” tag)

    • Valence says:

      I guess you’re right. What on earth was going on at the end? I still have no idea- I only remember a floating tree, and I have no idea what that was about.

      Imminently forgettable I suppose.

  2. Psycho says:

    Watching this series and thank god I only download 480p from HorribleSub(sadly with censor anywhere) and not wasting my HDD space for unknown tale stories that ended too fast and with more confusing conclusion.

    I think the studio didn’t well prepared for adapt this anime. I hear Ichiban adapted from light novel. Is that right?

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