Amagami SS – What’s with so many male protagonists being rejected by long-haired females this season?

Amagami SS is about Kanade’s sister chasing a bunch of seniors around because he lost his date on Christmas Eve years ago for being very weird. Nah, it’s not that simple.

First Episode Synopsis:

Tachibana Junichi recounts his date who did not show up years ago on Christmas Eve, talking about his lost love. After a bunch of coincidental encounters, he makes friends with a senior, one of the school’s beauty queens, Morishima. They get along well, but at the end he confesses his love for her, only to get flat-out rejected. Feeling dejected, he crawls back into his closet.

I could have ranted about how so many protagonists get flat-out rejected so quickly, but I won’t.

Friends are there to provide you with photos of sexy women.

Characters  – Since after all, Amagami SS will focus on each of the 6 characters individually in separate arcs, characters are one huge factor to determine Amagami SS ‘s success.  The characters are interesting enough : I’m particularly interested in how Morishima will be with Junichi. However, I’m trying not to get too feely for the characters,lest I become too attached. After all, I’m guessing he’ll somehow end up chasing the other characters, which I really hope that they portray properly. The thought of switching love interests over and over again doesn’t appeal to me : or am I misguided?

Reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion for some reason.

But what I still can’t really enjoy as of yet is its pace. Unlike Angel Beats which suffered from a small episode length, Amagami SS is slated to be 24 episodes long – but already, a confession and back-story established in one episode – the first episode nonetheless? Either that’s very bad, or that’s very commendable. In this case, it is commendable. We can fully understand his predicament – it is believable, it isn’t melodramatic, and it is oh-so-close to the heart. Who’s never felt dejected before? Who’s never felt being in love, and doing whatever you can to get your interest to love you back? Who’s never been rejected before? I have, although I was too young to justify it being ‘love’.

So how will the show turn out? Right now, it’s like a game of rock paper scissors – quite a random chance. It all matters on what they choose to do, and there is neither much ways to fail nor much room to fail. It all boils down to how the carry it out ; that is the most crucial thing they must develop on now.

Reverse rape.

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4 Responses to Amagami SS – What’s with so many male protagonists being rejected by long-haired females this season?

  1. trewdys says:

    The imouto was ridiculously stereotypical, even pulling “BAKA ONIICHAN” on the first episode. The encounters were so cheesy and random that I was reminded of Mediacorp trash.

    • Valence says:

      ..she seems incestuous, literally. It’s like she’s trying to keep her brother for herself or something.

      ..but still, Mediacorp trash is worse, don’t be that much of a critic. I’m still looking to the other episodes : one episode isn’t enough to judge the overall values of a series. One of my many maxims (?)

  2. Psycho says:

    I really love the OP song. I hope it release the single, soon.

    That galaxy-in-closet scene, for me it reminds Gundam series.

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