Working!! Final review – unlike K-On!!, the second ! is warranted

Just marathon’d Working!!, and surprisingly , it’s much better than I expected.

It’s stuff like these which reaffirms my ever-transient faith in Slice-Of-Life shows. As with all slice-of-life shows, the plot development is weak – but sufficient to keep me interested to keep watching. The stars of the show, of course, are its wide cast of characters.

I liked every character in the show, without any regret whatsoever. I just liked them : I liked how minute Takeshima is made out to be, and Takanashi makes me feel good about myself and my strange addiction to everything small and cute. I liked the almost-lesbian liked Yachiyo and the boss Kyouko , and I admit I like how the characters play out. Each worker is special in his/her own way, as you can tell easily from one episode. Inami’s androphobia, being one of the biggest things that drives the show, may have taken up a tad too much screen time – but heck, it’s a slice-of-life show that manages to captivate the audience with such a sketchy storyline, it must be good, no? No scathing reviews from critics, except for one or two. Compare that to the likes of other shows this season and you can see how it works out.

Working!! also pulled the strings just right. When I was marathon-ing the series, the moment I saw this I predicted how the series will work out, or how eventually the series will play out – but I was pleasantly surprised. I was kinda’ expecting some thinly veiled ecchi nonsense, but instead we get a trap which seeks not to trap the audience – Takanashi, of course, sticking up for Inami against her dad who caused her androphobia, for reasons unknown..

…but I really enjoyed watching was Souta x Yachiyo. Two awkward parties ; one having romantic feelings for her boss, the other a gangster-like character she used to fear  – so much comedy could have been achieved with this. They did make it funny, indeed, but I wished they would get more screen-time, instead of Souta missing out on everything or something of that essence.

So, if I were to rate it, I’d give it the same score I’d give Angel Beats.  8/10 overall.

A good show in my opinion. Actually deserves its two exclamation marks, unlike other shows…

And the OP is catchy ; this image in the OP is addictive.


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13 Responses to Working!! Final review – unlike K-On!!, the second ! is warranted

  1. Myssa says:

    Also, something Working!! has going for it that K-On!! doesn’t: source material. There are still four-odd volumes of chapters untapped, besides the four and a half volumes used for the TV series, and even then many chapters were skipped to give it a semblance of ‘plot’ (all chapters related to Inami and Takanashi).

    Compare that to the four volumes that K-On!! is using, where pretty much the whole of the second season is based on the fourth volume alone.

    • Valence says:

      The greatest thing is, since Maya was only elaborated upon in like, the last episode, it’s very likely that Working!! will get a season 2, or some OVAs to boot.

      Fingers crossed ;D

      • Myssa says:

        The DVD sales for Working!! are surprisingly good for a 4koma comedy. I don’t have the total units sold for the month of July, but it’s more than 16,000+ units for the first to third DVDs. That’s VERY good, though nowhere near the moe-fueled numbers of K-On.

        • Valence says:

          K-On has unfair advantage :/ It has cult following, and anything that comes out is easily hoarded or sold. But indeed, Working!! is doing quite well, despite looking doubtful at the start.

  2. howeirong says:

    Finally! Someone else who understands the awesomeness of WORKING!!

    I think I gave it the same rating as AB, too. But I actually liked the Mahiru x Souta screentime.

    Also, twintail Yachiyo ftw.

  3. scorchnroses says:

    @Valence K-ON! has already taken over the internet since last year >.>

    Anyway, the reason why K-ON! is popular now is because of first impression imo. If S1 is good, its watchers most probably would assume that the S2 would be just as good, and therefore follow the series :/

    • Valence says:

      Not to mention all the media hype, of all the publicity created for K-On that’s bound to attract viewers. That’s what happened to me, frankly.

  4. deaky says:

    Hmm. I honestly think Working is the better anime. Compared to Angel Beats..
    – consistently looked good so at least as good as Angel Beats there.
    – had a good OST that was at least as good as Angel Beats.
    – didn’t pointlessly throw in action scenes or concerts apparently just for the hell of it (you make the call on whether that’s better or not).
    – also had a fairly weak ending, but wasn’t as contrived and likely to make you groan once you think about it.
    – had genuinely fun characters with actual development and chemistry.. better than Angel Beats.
    – had romantic tension that feels kinda genuine.. better than Angel Beats.
    – had a good mix of humor, not just random knee-jerk stuff.. better than Angel Beats.
    – didn’t rely on fake melodrama just to make us cry on cue.. less cheesy than Angel Beats.
    – I would like to see it continue, don’t care whether Angel Beats does.

    With Angel Beats I expected a sappy melodrama trying to make me cry. It didn’t even try, really, it just kinda expected that I’d fall for it if it gave the characters a hackneyed tragic backstory. These kids were denying themselves happiness, and I had no reason to feel attached to them. It then tried to end on a bittersweet note, which I felt Otonashi kinda deserved, but it didn’t even have the guts to stick with that.

    Working had to actually try, since all I expected was a boring, pointless fillery series. It also didn’t feel like it was trying.. three eps in I wanted to drop it. But after a few more episodes I noticed that I actually ENJOYED it. That’s impressive, to go from hate to love despite really doing nothing different. The fact that it’s cast was just as lame, yet I actually cared about them somewhat, shows just how lazy Angel Beats was.

    • Valence says:

      I think both shows have their pros and cons; it all lies in the execution, which to be frank, have to been worked on. Working!! did achieve humour,but I was more interested in Angel Beats’ plot when I had been watching them consistently.

      To be honest, Angel Beats had a better OST and perhaps Art quality,but you can’t blame that – Working!! is after all, slice-of-life : something that attracts us through its depictions of life and humour.

      Not to sound like a over-obnoxious fantard, but to be honest I think both series had equally mediocre love stories. Too cliche, or at least in essence. Both were equally as funny in my opinion ; although I really do hate the random melodrama in Episode 13 of AB!, I’d rate them both the same. Both are equally bad, or equally good in my opinion – but of course, that’s just my opinion, you don’t necessarily have to listen to it.

      And I’d love to see them have some spinoffs.

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