This must be Karma or something. Rosario + Vampire is still crap.

For all the times I flamed it, for all the times I argued how horrid it is, for all the times I cursed to God for watching it, I must have been hit by Karma.

Maybe God loves the show or something, I don’t know. But I’ve been hit by Karma, that’s for sure.

I always disliked Rosario+Vampire. I just hated it completely. I’d flame how bad it was on the internet, and use it as a derogatory term to describe any show in existence. I simply did not like Rosario + Vampire. I finished both seasons too, oh god the horror.

Then Karma comes and hits me in the face.

My Project’s Day is slowly turning into Rosario + Vampire. The setting for the novella is the same, so are the character’s context, and even the whole scheme of the school. WE EVEN HAVE A SUCCUBUS AND A VAMPIRE AS  -MAIN CHARACTERS- , OH GOD.


Time to change plot details. I did not sign up for the Category of English Language just to do some parody of Rosario + Vampire or something that low of a project. Damn, karma sucks.

Pretty much the only character I liked.

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9 Responses to This must be Karma or something. Rosario + Vampire is still crap.

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Wait what? Your project day is now rosario + vampire?

  2. scorchnroses says:

    The manga is okay imo and I’m reading it.

    Anime…I dropped the second season after a few episodes.

    • Valence says:

      It’s pretty much the first manga my brother has read online…and now he stopped reading stuff online =( Wrong age group.

      Anime was horrid. I swear, it felt like masochistic glory to finish the entire thing. It felt like my IQ dropped a few points, like a kick to the face.

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  4. Lemon Wedges says:

    This one of those instances where you hate something so much it takes over your life?

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