Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 12- wish upon a shooting star.

Since each episode of Arakawa Under The Bridge essentially consists of several mini-episodes, it’s only right to say that Episode 12, which contained Episode 99: Conclusion, could and probably would be the end to the entire series. After all, the episode seems to have tied up all the loose ends and still have time for comedy. Hoshi tells Nino to wish upon him (wish upon a star), with Maria commenting how they should wish on a shooting star – resulting in Hoshi and Ric, who got pulled in for being too close when laughing at him, dressed as stars and punted off the Bridge ..over and over again, with everyone wishing as they fall. A honourable job, they call it.

Tying up all the loose ends : The construction project under the bridge is cancelled, with a mysterious character offering to fund the company which cancelled it. Ric’s father gets the same pants treatment, only to be saved by Nino, who of course, offers to return them to him for nothing. He refuses and gets jailed for indecent exposure in public. Nino tries to use his phone when it rings inside his pants, only to find that Ric was calling him, ultimately calling Nino and Nino declaring her love for Ric. Conclusion ended. Episode 13 seems set to be another gag episode.

But of course, this episode left many thoughts in my mind : as expected of a series like Arakawa under the Bridge of course.

  1. Who was the funder in the green kimono? Maybe he’s the Mayor, since they sound alike and since the Mayor’s been missing for the entire episode.
  2. Where will the series progress from here?

After all, the series did end on episode 99/100, and there really isn’t much left to develop on. Perhaps they could develop on Ric’s life after that, which I doubt will be any different since he’ll eternally be known as the Recruit. Perhaps some hijinksĀ or slice-of-life between Ric and Nino (which I’ll look forward to, of course.) ? Or yet another gag episode, as expected of a gag anime? The episode preview was effectively useless too.

But what I wonder about is why they summed up everything in episode 12.

What would they do in the final episode?

Curious, really.

In the meantime,I’m watching out for shooting stars. I’m just hoping that the last episode will make Arakawa Under the Bridge leave a good note in my book.

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2 Responses to Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 12- wish upon a shooting star.

  1. Fabrice says:

    Lol sister’s wish is the best part in the first half

    venus fishes for men, maria whips them into submission… so that’s how this works
    they’re like 2 sides of the same woman

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