Money money money – How KyoAni is whoring K-On! season 2 for all that it has

Like many other shows with disappointing sequels, K-On! is yet again another show which has had its reputation tarnished by either content-hungry fans or the company’s attempts to make the series its cash cow. As with other series which have had their qualities lowered in their respective sequels, such as Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu , Minami-ke, or even something more mass media like Iron Man , sequels often come out lacking the same kind of quality their predecessors possessed. K-On! is yet another example.

Like I said before, I used to be a fan of the original K-On.  I didn’t mind how it’s so girly; I didn’t mind how it’s all so moeblob, I simply liked watching the first season, despite its ups and downs. Then comes season 2.

You see, I’d been on anime hiatus for the past month due to commitments and a simple lack of time. So when I got to marathon K-On!!, I was sorely disappointed.

Episode 7 is about Mio’s legion of creepy otaku personified as moe schoolgirls with normal lives fans who get her to put a nice performance for them. Let’s have a random K-On!! watcher, called A.

A wished that K-On was real. He got the effect in episode 7.

Then what if A suddenly decided he was a paedophile?

No worries; he gets 20 minutes of lolicon in Episode 8! After he’s done fapping off to the HTT’s childhood, he goes on and watches some other show, when they suddenly play a festival theme, he decides that his new sexual fetish are kimonos and whatnot.

Then soon afterward, we get Visual Kei-on.

And of course, swimsuits.

It appears that instead of the music element I liked in K-On (which only came in the episode which featured Death Devil), less and less effort is placed into this music element, yet K-On’s ratings keep going higher. Is it because the audience is not discerning enough? Is it because K-On simply is that good? What is every episode focusing on now? I’ll answer that gladly. Each episode is now aiming at a particular liking amongst watchers.

School swimsuits are staples in anime culture, and any moe-loving watcher would prolly like watching girls frolic in school swimsuits (or so my bias tells me.) As each episode slowly markets to a particular type of audience, there is no proper reason to criticise, or dislike the series. I, myself, find it hard to criticise K-On and sound convincing at the same time – I tried arguing that the music is gone ; yet it is still here. I tried insisting that the comedy is missing; yet it is still here. K-On covers all of the possible points used to attack it slowly over each episode, eventually forming a strong resistance to criticism.

Which, in turn, helps pump out their insane goods market. I mean, honestly, who has heard of K-On before the show came out?

As a result of building a strong resistance to critics, K-On’s reputation stays intact; its fanbase increases as a result. With the newly found fanbase, K-On is able to market itself as a franchise ; much like other ‘famous’ shows , notably Haruhi , Lucky Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion amongst others, most of which, upon retrospect, are incredibly mediocre or not as amazing as they claim to be.  This huge franchise then leads to a frenzy amongst fans, causing media attention and thus, increasing sales , fans, and public awareness of the show, K-On. Thus, when sales go up, season 2 is rolled out. With season 2, of course, more merchandise can be sold ; this paves the way for a large amount of spin-off OVAs and fan speculation.

Much like the 3-year gap between Haruhi seasons 1 and seasons 2, which gave the show’s merchandise and spin-offs notable attention, K-On is able to build upon its reputation until it runs out of new material, upon which I predict that a sequel, if any, would appear at least a year later. By then, K-On will have established itself as one of the biggest anime franchises in Animedom, with K-On merch everywhere you look. New watchers curious about the show will be drawn in as a result.

So as more and more watchers watch K-On, the more and more K-On gets whored by KyoAni. They will treat it just like Haruhi ; big enough to create a cult-like following, strong enough to continue marketing merchandise , well-acclaimed enough to give KyoAni bonus reputation and of course, one of the best investments they made thus far. Without whoring out K-On, its fanbase might no longer be existent, and like other shows, without a fanbase, the show is nothing.

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7 Responses to Money money money – How KyoAni is whoring K-On! season 2 for all that it has

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    let’s face it
    majority of anime watchers are moe lovers
    damn im one too

  2. trewdys says:

    Nobody cares about music anymore, as long as it’s funny.
    Also episode 12

  3. Son Gohan says:

    The problem with K-On!! season 2 IMHO is that KyoAni slowed the pace considerably. They stretch a single manga chapter to a whole episode by adding anime-original content (although the Death Devil episode was great!). Some episodes were really boring.
    However I don’t think you can say that there is too much fan-service in K-On!! considering that it’s one of the tamest moe shows out there. Just compare it with something like Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao or Kiss X Sis or Seikon no Qwaser!

    • Valence says:

      The second point I’d to agree with you, but it appears to me that by stretching out the show, they have much more time to show us moe fanservice. I even heard rumours they’re stretching the show to 26 episodes….

  4. Fabrice says:

    WHAT! disappointed !
    the quality sure is present, and the story is not crap like nogizaka for example, season 2 is the kind of slice of life in which i like. Its like a normal school life =) with a band and all, and not some what the crap that can never exist/happen kind of story in real life..


    • Valence says:

      I guess so, but I was expecting the same things I liked from Season 1. Maybe it’s my fault, but I can’t help but feel awkward watching little girls or teenage girls cascading around in swimwear for 20 minutes or dressing up in funny costumes every week. Maybe it’s just me.

      …but Anime is all about suspension of disbelief ; if you expect something realistic, then slice-of-life is your bet I suppose.

      One man’s meat is another man’s poison :/

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