We still require your money after the world has ended , or why the human race is doomed

Why the human race is doomed. Lately, ever since that wretched 2012 movie came out, fallout shelters have been popping up all around the world – but mostly just in America. These shelters attempt to outdo each other as new shelters are constructed : Today’s newspaper provides us with an informative report on the Vivos underground survival shelter, several kilometres east of Los Angeles , 5 stories below the surface in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Touted to be able to survive nuclear fallouts, biological attacks, killer comets, solar flares, natural disasters and the like.

This is a mega-catastrophe facility to survive the actual event or its aftermath.” –  Mr. Robert Vicino, founder of the Vivos Group.

Let’s run through its features: entertainment and multimedia theatre systems, well-stocked entertainment and educational materials, private computers and meeting rooms, gyms, medical bay, dental clinic, luxurious private rooms, deluxe bedrooms, living areas and an amazing capacity of up to 200 people.

Entry is only allowed in case of a mega-catastrophe.” – The New Paper, June 23, 2010.

“The group plan to build 20 shelters strategically located around the US , within 320km of the major metropolitan area it serves.”

I find this idea interesting.

Interesting fail.

Why? First of all, with its enormous entry cost, coupled with its small capacity for human beings to live in, will enable at the most, 15,000 people to live in. Not to mention that’s assuming that all the applicants get to the shelter in time and in one piece. What would happen if they’re in, say, Canada when a massive tsunami hits the shore, threatening to split apart Canada? After all, this is a mega-catastrophe scenario, so it doesn’t matter, does it?

What is the purpose of the survival shelter? To enable the survival of the human race? Or is it to enable some people to survive – and what use is there in that?

Will these survivors revive the human race? Or will they whine in despair, cry in sadness and await a fast death?

Will they be stuck in the shelter – forever?

And who will rebuild society if they survive? Who will educate the children ; if not, who will give birth to the children, who ,in turn, will bear children of their own?

And who’s to say that there will be peace in the shelter? Who’s to say that disasters can’t happen inside the shelter itself? Who’s to say that applicant A wouldn’t commit murder over food supply?

And who would still be sane should the entire world be destroyed?

When the disaster hits, who would have the courage to live on? Who would work together – and not fight for themselves?

And for what reason, would they work together?  Would they work with each other to fight for their survival – or their own?

That’s what I think the idea would fail to save anything. People are selfish, people are foolish. People will fight for their own needs. There’s hardly any chance of covering 320km should a disaster hit. There’s even less chance to get the opportunity to do so. What we must do is to find a way for our continued survival : a way for a huge , useful , group of people to survive ; for the human race.

On an unrelated note, I just bought the New Fist of the North Star OVA series. Talking about a post-nuclear world… oh wait.


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  1. Ming Xuan says:

    The shelter is obviously for rich and important people. Frankly though, they could just as well divert the resources needed to build these shelters into, let’s say, an environmental initiative. However, since we are talking about mankind, they pooled their money into building shelters so as to make a profit when the world comes to an end. Seriously though, I highly doubt the importance of money when most of humanity is dead and no more shops exist. In fact, the survivors would most likely revert back to the system of bartering.

    And yes, I know it is an especially long paragraph.
    On an unrelated note, I had just finished Hiiragi Kappei’s(Clannad) route, again.

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