On the recent spate of writer’s block syndrome

I’ve been writing poorly as of late. Stricken with a slight bout of the summer flu, but will fight on nevertheless.

The past few posts were crappy. I can tell when I don’t get any comments, or when after re-reading, it sounds slipshod and awkward. I’m in a slump. Not enough time to do a post for every show, if not a summarised and short post at best. Or I write something short that even I don’t care much about anymore ; even resorting to the most primitive attempts to derive humour. I read other blogs on my blogroll ; wonder how they manage to either write long and entertaining posts, or short and fanciful prose. Perhaps it’s something I’m lacking.

Although I would have been proud of my brief review of MNO, particularly because of this image:

I got the idea for these characters during Physics class, I drew a bunch of comics involving them for the lulz, but I lost them already.

A simple way of injecting a slight dose of humour, at least in my opinion anyway. Readers like self-generated content ; that’s what I try to deliver. I don’t want to keep blogging about random pieces of news when I know people can read them elsewhere. I’m slowly running out of content and vocabulary ; starting to sound like a blockhead. I need revitalisation -I need the needle to inject its magic drug into my veins, bringing me and my senses to a new level.

Or perhaps this slight bout of writer’s block was a result of over-worry and paranoia. I always wondered:How do people think of my blog? Do my friends and family read my blog – and think I’m weird? Does anyone laugh to himself when he reads how mediocre-sounding my posts tend to be sometimes? If Kanade existed, would she kill me with Hand Sonic V.4 instead of Hand Sonic V.5 because I look weak?

..or something like that. I’m slowly running out of humour. ┬áBecoming dryer by the minute.

Perhaps I shouldn’t keep checking my humble little blog every few minutes. I call this OCD. I seem to have OCD for everything -leading to a maniacal desire to beat everyone at everything – school, sports, anime, figure-collecting, flying, travelling through time – anything you could mention. I feel bad to talk to people who my mind had associated as ‘superior’ – making it easy to talk to friends only. I mean, on the internet it’s different , I find it easy to talk to anyone who shares the same interests as me. But talking to seniors, talking to teachers, I try to abstain. Even when they talk to me, I try and be as polite as possible – scary, really.

But in the end , I find myself returning to check on the blog every few minutes. It’s my other ecstacy while on the Internet, if you exclude Hentai interesting videos, comics and stalking people on Facebook and the like social networking. So in the end, I find myself telling myself : relax a little, Valence, you don’t have to beat anyone at anything. Just relax ; it’s the holidays, get in the holiday mood, will you?

P.S. If anyone reads this , do you check your blog often, like I do? Just curious.


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6 Responses to On the recent spate of writer’s block syndrome

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Sadly, my blog is for strictly ACE. So no, I don’t check it often, unless I am a self-conscious, perfectionist guy, who I am apparently not.

  2. K says:

    Yeah, being in a slump sucks… About the OCD factor, I do feel that often, especially when the latest entry means a lot to me… kinda excited how people would react yes?

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