International Saimoe League – now I remember why I dislike it.

ARENA 01: Nagato Yuki [Sengoku Nadeko]

ARENA 02: [C.C.] Saten Ruiko

ARENA 03: [Holo] Aisaka Taiga

ARENA 04: Nymph [Abstained] Saginomiya Isumi

ARENA 05: Fate Testarossa [Senjōgahara Hitagi]

ARENA 06: Ibuki Fūko [Minami Chiaki]

ARENA 07: Takamachi Nanoha [Okazaki Ushio]

ARENA 08: Fujibayashi Ryō [Kushieda Minori]

ARENA 09: [Furukawa Nagisa] Sunohara Mei

ARENA 10: Nakano Azusa [Shana]

ARENA 11: [Hiiragi Kagami] Sakagami Tomoyo

ARENA 12: Sanzen’in Nagi [Fujibayashi Kyō]

ARENA 13: Fukuji Mihoko [Abstained] Kawashima Ami

ARENA 14: Furude Rika [Abstained] Haramura Nodoka

ARENA 15: [Misaka Mikoto] Hirasawa Yui

ARENA 16: Konjiki no Yami [Ichinose Kotomi]

ARENA 17: [Suzumiya Haruhi] Shiina Mafuyu

ARENA 18: [Ikaros] Illyasviel von Einzbern

ARENA 19: [Asahina Mikuru] Hirasawa Ui

ARENA 20: Katsura Hinagiku [Sakurano Kurimu]

ARENA 21: Tōsaka Rin [Abstained] Akiyama Mio

ARENA 22: [Izumi Konata] Saber

ARENA 23: Akaba Chizuru [Hiiragi Tsukasa]

ARENA 24: Shiina Minatsu [Abstained] Louise Vallière

ARENA 25: Maria [Abstained] Furude Hanyū

ARENA 26: Akanegasaki Sora [Abstained] Saya

The thing I dislike about the ISML is that it forces you to make a choice which you can’t justify. Say you love two characters A and B, and that they were pit against each other. You’re going to choose which you like more -which proclaims the other character as “trash”. You’re forcing yourself to make a choice which you can’t truly explain or sit well with. I voted for Konata and then worried about Saber. And so on.

ISML is also the same stuff every damned round. No new contestants, no different styles of voting, no, nothing. You vote for the same damned characters every round until the league ends. And what’s with the range of anime?All otaku-friendly and endorsed.

Too Otaku-friendly. Name me one show from ISML that has not been subject to fanatic otakuism. Bakemonogatari had such cases too, btw. OTL voting in the ISML makes you feel like some kind of deprived nerd with the penchant for series normal people would term as cartoons for girls. And sadly, I find this drastically true.

Voting in the ISML is like a kick in the balls. It hurts, you lose some cells and some of your masculinity. But if you’re M, you’ll like it.

Or something. I don’t know. Screw that.


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