I got completely overrun- How Mayoi Neko Overrun has turned out to be one of the best stuff we’ve had this season.

You know, I was seriously at crossroads when I was writing this post. I was thinking :Should I write a sarcastic troll post about how “awesome” it is, or should I write a proper yet funny post about how it is actually kind of nice? And then I figured that I sat on the fence, so I chose not to troll, for once. For once.

Okay, well I now support MNO as one of the best of Anime this season.


Well, I placed MNO on hiatus after episode 3. The idea of a thinly-veiled harem didn’t appeal to me. However..

…or at least that’s what I felt. Suddenly the whole direction changed. No more long shots pandering on looking at the character’s cleavages. No more humour from sexually erroneous situations ; no more time wasted on cheap gags.

MNO brought out actual humour. This is most noticeable , in my opinion, in episode 7. Yes, that episode which everyone hated- I fucking loved it. I was just entertained and I laughed throughout for its sheer mockery of the genre of mecha. Sure, I haven’t watched any Gundam, whatever. I still found it funny. Episode 8 relied again on erotic imagery, but that was funny -no doubt in a stupid way. Well. It was quote : “like they found a random guy off the street every week to be the director.” And that’s what I like. Randomness wins.

Randomness is superior. No-one likes shows with a fixed scheme of humour, for example heavy and over-reliance on ecchi to create laughs. No, people like random shizz, and the random show this ending season is MNO. Almost all the “random” shows out there make it big. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei went on the spawn 2 sequel series and other OVAs. Lucky Star got to become one of the most well-known and famous shows out there. Baka to Test was well-received by watchers. And I believe that MNO is the spiritual successor of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ; it has its usual character stereotypes : we have the classic tsundere, who like to beat up the male characters a lot. We have the innocent type, not to mention the ‘childhood love’ type. Every show can use these stereotypes easily, it depends on how they run the show, and to be frank, MNO did a good job.

To end off, the funny thing was that MNO was so very, very close to being classified as harem, dooming it to fail – in my eyes anyway.

Have big hopes for this show.


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  1. Alx2oy says:

    mehh..i thought it was pretty mediocre..

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