Why I doubt I’ll finish Kure-nai any time soon

I can’t pay attention to a single episode. Every time Kuhouin Murasaki shows up on-screen my mind wanders off somewhere else, into the deeper depths of creepy thoughts.

To the extent that I don’t even remember anyone else’s names, or the plot of the episode, for that matter. Look, I took a screenshot of every , if not most of the scenes in Episode 2 which mostly features her appearing. I spent so much time taking this creepy little montage of mine and then reach the end, watch Shinkurou beat up a bunch of mobsters and wonder to myself : what just happened? Where’s Kuhouin? Did the show end or something? Or some other ridiculous thought like that. I can’t remember ; too busy trying to recall Kuhouin’s scenes.

And then I find myself smiling creepily whenever she appears. Smile, bare some teeth. I seem to lack a social life, and I guess this is the reason?  I realised that every time there’s some kind of a loli in an anime, I get distracted. That simply ruins the anime for me. I always told myself : I HATE LOLIS, but then again, I just realised that I goddamned love them. I love lolis. Yes. I don’t hate Yui, she’s not a loli anyway. Suika’s a loli to me and you know it. I can’t deny it any longer. I like them. Down the path of a pervert.

I blame my creepy thoughts on archive-binging through Mistakes of Youth. Or something.

…or maybe I’m a slight closet lolicon after all?

Ahhh, whatever. I don’t care. RAWR RAWR fight the power.


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5 Responses to Why I doubt I’ll finish Kure-nai any time soon

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Realises most anime watchers turn into lolicons

  2. Fabrice says:

    It’s a shame that the staff had to throw in some hamfisted attempts at action and heavy drama into the mix as well, because Kurenai does well enough up until these scenes are introduced. It’s not that these moments don’t belong in the show, because they are most-likely included in the light novel source material as well, but they are handled so poorly that I almost wish they were left out. During these scenes, whatever was interesting about Shinkurou is brushed aside to make way for a bland “I’ll protect you” male lead, and towards the end of the show, none of the characters behave consistently. The series finale is especially insulting because it absolutely trashes the intricate plot that was being weaved up until that point with a complete cop-out of an ending. It just might be better to stop watching this two-thirds of the way through.

    I wouldn’t say that I wasted six hours of my life watching Kurenai, but I wouldn’t suggest that you set aside your valuable time for this.

    • Valence says:

      Well, haven’t got any time to watch anime anyway. Nevertheless, I will see it to the end, as with every other thing I watched. Will watch it to see what I think of it 😀

      Thinking of the stuff I forced myself through right now.


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