Unit Camp 2010- things pass by really quickly, don’t they?

A few days ago I was lying on my bed, checking the packing list for the annual HCINPCC Unit Camp.

Now I’m lying on it again, feeling a deep sense of melancholy. Why? Was it because I’m tired and weary? Or is it because I did not like the camp?

None of the above. Weariness slight, enjoyment 100%. What struck me was how fast everything passes.

Weeks ago we were still rushing out the guidelines, running dry runs in the hope of making the the best for everyone to play in. Weeks ago, we were still unsure of what we were doing, rushing about and general muddleheadedness throughout. Weeks ago, we were still incapable of organising, or rather, helping to organise activities. Soon, it’ll be PIR –  a rush of activities, filling every crook and cranny of my mind. I’ll be gone on a journey through NPCC for some time; I’ll be back weeks later – it’s that kind of feeling.

That was weeks ago.

Unit Camp was the culmination of all the Organising Team’s efforts thus far. All those long work sessions, those meetings, lectures by CIs, all leading up to the Unit Camp. And just that fact makes me happy. Happy to see what we can do to make people enjoy and be free. Happy to see how we can change peoples’ perspectives , hopefully spreading the message that NPCC isn’t all drills and punishment. Happy to see that even in the wrath of Mother Nature, we defied her and struck her down from her high horse, managing to run the final War Game successfully as well.

So umm, yeah. Despite all the lectures and long hours spent working trying to make each guideline perfect, we could see how much effort we actually put in at the very end – to the extent how Dr. Chia describes it as being “overly detailed”. Heck, that shows how dedicated our Sec 4 OT are, doesn’t it? So I smiled for a brief moment during AAR.

Nevertheless, loved the experience of working in an organising team. Thank god I’m signing up for the Operations Department.

We’re back in black. And white is the new black. If that makes any sense , that is.

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6 Responses to Unit Camp 2010- things pass by really quickly, don’t they?

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  2. Fabrice says:

    How long does this camp last?
    from the sounds of it must have been tough, or i should say annoying?

    • Valence says:

      Nah, 3 days long 😀

      …but it was because we put lots of effort into planning it and running it, but it was great 😀

  3. Alx2oy says:

    O.O Back in Black is win :DD

  4. Alx2oy says:

    O.O Back in Black is win :DD AC/DC’s good..

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