Who’s gonna work for the working man?

First time working for actual money.

Food Expo is a 5 day event on guess what – food! Though the pay is less than that of McDonalds, you don’t get this kind of flexible work hours. It’s great when the boss is your good friend. ‘sides, need a job to afford all the trips to school during the holidays – lunches aren’t going to pay themselves, you know.

The first 2 hours was kind of boring. Not much customers, really, but it was really easy to make anime references. Didn’t help that of the two designs for the employee shirt, one looked like the Akatsuki robe , somehow. I don’t really remember. 2 hours spent talking about anime, although business did pick up tremendously towards the end.

Hah – Lunch time, went out with Shawn. Next doors just so happened to be License 2 Play – a exhibition based on gaming. So imagine my surprise when I find one – ONLY ONE – ┬áKagamiku nendoroid on sale. But curse my luck, I was $20 short, and no-one could lend me any money. Shawn got Gundam Unicorn if I’m not wrong, good for him =D $60 shall be spent of Figma Drossel, if she’s still in stock tomorrow.


Completely brilliant , thank you.

Set up a whole bunch of ridiculous new initiatives for the stall, like the cardboard signs and the offer for Yoghurt and Spaghetti. Bizarre, yes, but Jun Weng’s mother, who owns the company which ran the stall (or something around that line) , imported Italian Spaghetti and Spanish Yoghurts and Pudding. Which tasted surprisingly nice, I might add. No refrigeration needed too. Interesting.

So yeah, it was a good experience, the first of 5 days anyway. Looking forward to tomorrow’s RGS Captain’s Ball Competition, coupled with this fun job – awesome to work with friends or people you know. Anyway, it’s the usual posse working together anyway, the same group that hangs around together with similar hobbies and stuff. I suppose that makes us friends. Okay, of course we are friends.

Anyway, hoping to earn about $140++ from this job, seeing as how I’ll probably end up spending $60 tomorrow on Drossel. . .

… should I actually get Drossel, going to a figure post on her – she’s just awesome looking for a character from Disney.

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  1. Lee Ming Xuan says:


  2. bd77 says:

    (9) aka “I’m the strongest” aka Cirno?

    • Valence says:

      I seem to be associated with Cirno a lot in my class ._. Maybe because my register number is 9. I’ve been drawing a cueball 9 on every worksheet given out so far….

      Furthermore that monument outside our class has the words “Never Give Up” engraved on it with fancy Chinese prose, even dated 9/9/09. Cirno Day. A darn good coincidence if you ask me….

  3. hey whats your myspace page.

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