Boredom compels me – First-ever outdoors figure shoot. With Vocaloid Nendoroid Petits . .

I need to get a better camera.

Since it was home learning and yet we had to come down to school anyway, I brought down some random Figurines to see how they would look in the outdoors. Why? Sheer boredom perhaps, the thought of bringing my figurines outdoors has occurred to me before, since taking photos at home is extremely boring. ‘sides, I wanted to test how my pathetic phone camera would look outdoors.

Vocaloid lovers might kill me for this. Nah, they weren't just thrown like that , I had protection for them in the form of compartments each and soft packaging.

Upon reaching the SALT centre grass patch, it was full of less photo chances than I thought. Most of the photo chances were just logs and bushed, although I suppose I should really try to take different photos from separate angles.

Another reason why I took the photos that day- there was no-one in the SALT centre, not much anyway. I could take my photos unheeded by gawking passerbys and people laughing, or maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Miku surveys the area and declares it safe for photo-taking, but failed to take into account all those mosquitoes...ouch.

I liked how this shot turned out, although I do agree that I need different figurines to pose instead. Nenoroid Petites are too small to balance without their base, and the only way to balance them is to stick them in the soil - which I would never do.

The angle was screwed up for this one, my phone was running out of battery and I was rushing.

The angle was screwed up for this one, my phone was running out of battery and I was rushing.

I tried taking a group shot in the grass, but I failed. The lighting is screwed too.

I aimed to show the size of the tree, but I failed with the angle. Lighting sucks too =( Camera's too sensitive to light, it seems. Photos were taken around 6pm too.

I liked the angle of this shot, although I should have removed that blade of grass..

I like this one.

From this , I realised two things:

  1. “8 Megapixels” can’t do well enough for photo shoots.
  2. Lighting and angle are important factors.
  3. I should pick up Photoshop some time soon, and learn how to use it (gasp).
  4. Better Camera, period. Since I’m starting work tomorrow, I think the pay at the end of the 5-day exhibition should allow me to either get a Camera, or get Photoshop =D
  5. Different figures. Nendoroid Petites aren’t that good for photo shoots. Maybe I’ll bring my figmas out as well one day.
  6. Be more free-spirited. I will never succeed in taking photos if I have to wait for when there is no-one around to do so.

Hah, going to try more outdoors photoshoots in the future.

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9 Responses to Boredom compels me – First-ever outdoors figure shoot. With Vocaloid Nendoroid Petits . .

  1. scorchnroses says:

    Lol who says photoshoots indoors are boring? Head over to and you will see ^^
    Nendoroid petits can be good for photoshoot, if you know what to shoot for them.
    Who cares about people walking around you? Just go in group and you will realise that you are actually not giving any care to the people around you. Strength in numbers :3

    • Valence says:

      Yeah, I’ve been to his blog before, those pictures are damn zai =D

      …but I think I need Photoshop to enhance photos anyway. I really like the ‘blur’ style they use in photos for the backgrounds,makes the figure more attractive.

      Strength in groups, yes. Herd mentality ftw.

      Anyway, gonna try again next time. Practice makes perfect?

  2. howeirong says:

    Next time you do a photoshoot, call me along, I’ll help you with lights and stuff.

    Get some small mirrors or stuff for props.

    The “blurring” is done through awesome DSLR lens, not through photoshop.

    • scorchnroses says:

      Doesn’t really require awesome DSLR lens. I used a standard kit lens and still able to achieve the “bokeh” (Blur). It is the aperture that you have to set for that.

  3. Valence says:

    I see..
    but since I’m poor, Photoshop it is then.

    I have some books on photography, although I think I lost them somewhere..

  4. scorchnroses says:

    Just keep experimenting :3

  5. Fabrice says:

    Yay vocaloid petit!
    they look so cute.
    nice get!

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