Katanagatari 05

It better be worth it , I've waited an entire month for this.

This month’s Katanagatari involves Shichika fighting against possibly the hardest opponent in ages : the Zokutou Yoyoi, owned by a pirate lord and modelled after western armour. The owner has to wear it to use it. At the very start of the episode, Kanara Azekura, the pirate lord who owns the armour, manages to ┬ábreak an enormous sword owned by his opponent simply by running into it at full speed -sort of like rugby, but worse.

Kanara looks for them halfway in the night and challenges them to a duel in the public fighting grounds and offers them Zokutou if they win. Ever the strategist, Togame questions him: What would you take if you win?

Turns out later in the episode the reason why Kanara Azekura is so attracted to Togame is because his childhood playmate/girlfriend was killed by pirates, and Togame simply reminds him of her. After being captured by the pirates, he is forced to work as a slave boy until 5 years later, one of the pirates allows him to wear the armour in his drunken stupor, allowing Kanara to kill all the pirates.

During the battle itself, Shichika’s armor piercing techniques failed to penetrate the thick armour Kanara possesses. In brief he defeats him by using his superhuman strength – carrying him up and throwing him into the air. Gravity solves everything.

…but what’s interesting with this episode is the introduction of one of the leaders of the Maniwa Corps , Maniwa Houou. He cuts off his arm to talk to Togame and offers a temporary truce, effectively preventing any further clashes until further notice.

This episode seems to like to tease Togame a lot. From Shichika bullying her to that sexually suggestive scene, and Houou correcting Togame, telling her her trademark “Cheerio” means goodbye.

Looking forward to next month’s episode. The wait each month is killing me. Looking forward to what the princess has to do with any of this.

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3 Responses to Katanagatari 05

  1. howeirong says:

    Is good, yes? I completely agree with you. ’tis one of my favourites so far.

  2. Alx2oy says:

    hmm i agree..better than all those sucky new anime like mayoi neko overrun..

  3. Fabrice says:

    Another solid episode, I’m enjoying this series a lot.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the princess was related to Togame.

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