What has happened?

I’m sad today.

Sad at what PIR has done to the squad.

It has achieved a counter-effect – instead of bringing the squad closer to one another , in heed of the imminent and inevitable separation, it has just broken up the squad into individuals.

Individuals who blame one another for their falls, who call each other “backstabbers”, who sabotage and insult one another, who become self-righteous and proud ; those who has lost the ‘squad spirit’.

PIR is indeed a show of how you want to serve the squad.

So why do people object? Is it because friendly teasing got misunderstood? Is it because it’s now a race? Is it because in order to take up PIR, we sacrifice many other things?

And why do people EMO? Emo about it’s being tough, emo about life being harsh, etc.

You should have seen this coming from a mile away, to be frank. That this , also, is inevitable.

So just calm down and hang on for the ride. Our memories are little and are as scattered as the sand of beaches, but they all were part of one rock in the past. Hold on to your memories before PIR splits us all.


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