Ad vitam aeternam – Lucky Star and its unusual attractiveness

You know, I always wondered what that picture was supposed to mean.

Due to my sheer boredom, I decided to re-watch a random episode of Lucky Star.

Why?I’m a beginning anime watcher, slowly embarking on the path to true Anime sageness, but already my faith in the Slice-Of-Life genre have been demolished by the likes of new Anime like Mayoi Neko Overrun and K-On!!. I wondered to myself : since these slice-of-life shows are so boring, why did I enjoy Lucky Star?

Of course, it might have been a lie. After all, it WAS the first ever anime I watched on my laptop, so perhaps that’s why I thought it was one of my favourites. It could have been attributed to a lack of prior experience with Anime, or simply lying to myself : ‘wow this is good’.

Roll OP. Addictive as always.

Something occurred to me after watching the episode, or some things rather.

Firstly: A lot of people call LS funny because of its references. I didn’t get any, even with ‘more’ anime experience. Perhaps I got some, but I didn’t think they were funny.

Secondly : LS likes to have this kind of scene where they just stand together and talk about life. Why am I not bored?

Original humour.

Not merely otaku-pandering and overtly cliche Anime scenes, or usual ecchi harem nonsense.

I don’t mind the occasional otaku-pandering, or whatever they call it. I don’t really mind if it’s not the MAIN THING DRIVING THE SHOW.

I don’t mind moeblob either. I watch everything, that’s my policy. I don’t really mind if it’s not the MAIN THING DRIVING THE SHOW.

And what combines these two evils?


Recently I found out something. I was deleting old pictures from Facebook when I stumbled upon this:

I think I actually enjoyed K-On!. Why?

It was funny, for the most bit. And the music is nice too.

Now Season 2 has decided to bank upon the results of season 1 – by aiming to otaku, and I mean it as an insult.

Gone are the actual humour, or actual music. Here come the new season 2, with so much more things fans of Season1  can look forward to.

Graah.  Truth be told, I dislike Season 2 – it made K-On bad. Just horrid and boring now. Every episode carries with it the distinct feeling of ‘fillerdom’, although it is slice-of-life, you can’t help but feel bored.

So, that’s one of the reasons I liked Lucky Star, I guess.

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16 Responses to Ad vitam aeternam – Lucky Star and its unusual attractiveness

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Scary how I just rewatched Lucky Star Epi 8.

    • Valence says:

      Awesome, another believer.

      Unrelated question : Which of these are better: Seitokai no Ichizon or Lucky Star? Just a personal question.

      • Ming Xuan says:

        I prefer Lucky Star, though i do find Seitokai no Ichizon not as bad as the new animes

  2. Fabrice says:

    oh thats right, i was suppose to rewatch lucky star XD
    i guess i forgot about it ^^”
    Mhmm each series have there own good points.

    • Valence says:

      Same, I was planning to rewatch it in like, March. But I had no time, Singaporean students are so stressed ;A;

      ….but what I can’t stand is how the slice-of-life genre gets worse with every season..

  3. ippius says:

    I LUV lucky star! Seitokei no Ichizon was pretty good at the start… until it decided to be SERIOUS in the ending episodes.

  4. Alx2oy says:

    I still think Seitokai no Ichizon was good 🙂 and yes the 2nd season of K-On is quite a disappointment D:

  5. Bizhaku says:

    Waw, I love This Article

  6. Bizhaku says:

    I Must Look This Anime!!!! Thanks for Info Guys 😀

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  10. Lemon Wedges says:

    The picture with the school uniform lying the desk probably means a character’s just into their gym clothing and isn’t very neat.

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