Angel Beats 07

I’m sad.

No, not that this episode made me cry.

Sad that Angel Beats has fallen to the Key Curse.

Everything, as eloquently put by an anonymous internet user, was simply ” a character from another of Key’s work placed into a different situation.” We have Hinata, or blue haired Sunohara, and of course Otonashi, the red-haired Tomoya. And the list goes on.

But screw that.

That’s what the internet thinks. Despite knowing damned well that Angel Beats has indeed many similarities to Key, I like it anyway. Why?

The major argument detracting Angel Beats is that is resembles other Key works. So? If Key is good at this type of work, why the hell not?


I’m quite happy to see the episode quality improving, no horrible art this time round.

So basically Naoi helps Otonashi regain his previous memories. Otonashi (that’s actually his surname, his real name’s Yuzuru) is a school dropout working to pay for his bedridden sister, Hatsune, ‘ s hospital fees. One day, he decided to bring his sister out of the hospital for what literally turned out to be her last wish ¬†– to be able to see the main road.

After her death, Otonashi decides to work and live for himself – eventually gaining university acceptance, only to die in a train wreck (?).

After the emo bit, they carry out Operation: Monster Stream. ¬†Basically it’s just fishing, but yeah. I bet going to the washroom’s called Operation Niagara or something. I don’t know.

Kanade fishes the master of the lake, this gigantic leviathan of a fish and everyone is happy.

Otonashi asks her to stay with him in the SSS.

Of course, they cook the remaining meat, but during which Yurippe gets attacked by what seems to be an evil clone of Kanade.

-episode ends.-

This episode presents me with several predictions of the future:

  1. Someone popular with the fans will disappear to save the SSS.
  2. Kanade is related to Otonashi in their past lives.
  3. The ending will be all Clannad-ish.
  4. A new villain appears and causes several of them to disappear.
  5. Naoi betrays them.
  6. TK gets no lines again.

Pretty much all I can say for this episode, we’re already at the halfway mark.

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8 Responses to Angel Beats 07

  1. Nopy says:

    I don’t know why people would complain about Angel Beats being too much like a Key work, that’s what makes it good. One thing that’s different though is that they’re still putting in random humour (like the fish) even though it’s already at the halfway point. Most of the other series were already getting serious at this time.

    • Valence says:

      Yeah, but that’s pretty much the biggest reason they use to flame Angel Beats.

      I like it though, changed my blog header to Kanade too. =D

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    Most of key’s works, unlike Angel Beats! have more episodes to develop the story and partially go through each heroine’s arc. That’s why i think Angel Beats! still has comedy, despite already reaching the halfway mark. They are probably just gonna rush it at the last few episodes…. Hopes Little Busters! gets animated.

    • Valence says:

      They’re kind of ignoring Yurippe’s arc, which makes me think they might either run through it again, ignore it completely or have a sequel (fingers crossed)

  3. biotoxic says:

    “6. TK gets no lines again.”

    That would be criminal!

    This episode was quite boring I thought – fishing, enough said. Hopefully the next will be a bit more exciting with this new Kanade clone.

  4. Valence says:

    Agreed, hope they don’t fuck it up.

  5. Fabrice says:

    Finally its about otonashi :_____;
    sad man, i was emotional with what happened to his sister D:
    Reminds of of that emotional Clannad stuff =/

    very good episode… poor hatsune :___; well and Otonashi.

    • Valence says:

      I’m just afraid they’ll morph it into a Clannad-ish situation where someone Otonashi loves dies or something like that.

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