Angel Beats 06

Harmony , Harmony, Oh Love. Did I mention Quality?

I think the main problems that haunts Angel Beats are that its characters seem to be your stereotypical anime archetypes as well as suffering from pure QUALITY in some shots. Otherwise, I like it.

Why? I don’t know. It’s as frank as that. I won’t try and argue about its ‘complex storyline’ or whatever people use to argue for their favourites, I just like it. So there.

Anyway. The SSS attempt to get the Student Council’s attention by making as much trouble as they can in the classrooms. In the end, Otonashi succeeds in getting their attention by inviting Kanade to eat Mapo Tofu during break (how quaint.) So in the end, they get thrown into this prison-like detention room. Yes. Just like that. Kanade, ever calm and godly, decides to go to sleep.

Rape scene imminent?

However, Yuri radios Otonashi with breaking news : Ayato, the new student council chairman, is not a NPC, but a human as well.

So they try and break out using Kanade’s powers, which is when Otonashi learns that her skills couldn’t bust them out because they were made for defense (explains the whole “guard skill” thing..) Otonashi also learns about Kanade’s predicament.

I don't know, I think that's kind of badass.

The reason why she has no friends is because whoever befriends her has a happy student life and disappears.

When they break out, they find that Ayato had massacred the SSS and the entire floor was covered with blood. Not that it matters, since they’ll revive anyway. Ayato reveals his motives since the start, explaining how he managed to get students to help him via hypnosis. He then attempts to remove Yurippe from the world by hypnotising her into a happy dream, so that she would disappear.

=Otonashi interrupts him by doing it the old-fashioned Anime way : punching himin the face. That’s when he starts berating him on the value of everyone’s life, on how Ayato as well is just like them, who had memories and similar past lives. This is when Ayato explains his past : the younger twin brother of the son of a famous potter, he was much less competent at pottery than his brother ever was.

H2O, anybody?

This episode made me find a new interest in Angel Beats. From the get-go, it looked horrible and frankly, boring and bland. However, as more and more episodes are aired, the more and more I start to like Angel Beats. I cried, I laughed, I raged, I argued, I defended and worshipped. Angel Beats is going to be one of my favourite Anime this season, as long as they don’t fuck it up by moe-ifying the female characters….

My personal reflections on this episode?

Going to look forward to the next episode of Angel Beats! High expectations, man.

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4 Responses to Angel Beats 06

  1. Nopy says:

    I really hope they don’t moe-ify the female characters too, that’d be horrible.

    • Valence says:

      They seem to have a token moe character in all of Key’s works, for example Fuuko from Clannad and Yui~nyan from Angel Beats…

  2. biotoxic says:

    Is it wrong that Yuri looked hot amoungst that bloodbath? I sort of wondered why he was so bothered about them all dying though; they will just come back.

    I’m interested where they plan on taking the series now though. There wasn’t much indication of what comes next…

    • Valence says:

      No, unless you hate rape. ‘sides, her seiyuu voiced some characters for H before (if I’m not mistaken.)

      I just hope they don’t keep introducing antagonists and then converting them to the SSS’s side like , every two episodes and making all of them weak and moe…

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