K-On!! 5 – A filler in a filler inside a filler? No!

“He looketh upon men, and if any say, I have sinned, and perverted that which was right, and it profited me not; / He will deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light.”

Episode 5 talked about what Azusa and company did when the K-On were on holiday. Before some troll jumps out and screams “OMGWTHBBQ THIS IS FILLER K-ON!! SUCKS” , I have to step in and speak in defence of K-On!!. SCREW ALL OF YOU! You KNOW that K-On!! is one of the most intelligent and subtle anime ever to hit our screens, but suffers due to hiding under the guise of appearing to be moeblob? K-On!! has more wisdom than Confucius, mind you – its wisdom is fully applicable to our modern context.

So briefly, Azusa and crew help Yui collect her stuff and hang out together, going to the Jazz Club and playing baseball and whatnot fictional schoolgirls do. Sure. Seems filler enough, since nothing ever changes.

HOWEVER! No-one, NO-ONE sees the subtle references to our society hidden amongst scenes in the episode. It’s like a throwback to old school psychological anime like Serial Experiments Lain, which subtly questions our society itself – rather than the moe and “comedy slice-of-life ” garbage that hits our shores today. Neon Genesis Evangelion? Not good enough. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN THIS, AND YOU KNOW IT. As much as you want to deny it, you know and think of it when you go to sleep, you go to work, when you get married, when you lie dying on your bed with your relatives surrounding you – YOU KNOW THAT K-ON!! IS THE BEST. Of course it is. Yeah.

Look. It’s a piece of bread. And it’s legendary. And golden. And chocolate. And godly.

That aside, it’s actually a subtle reference to lust.  Observe the bread. It’s a phallic symbol – the only one left in fact. And it’s not golden, it’s brown. Golden is a colour commonly associated to wealth, the colour of the gods –  brown a humble colour, used to describe if not the Earth but instead human waste – associated with decay and abandonment. And did I mention they only make 3 of these in a day?

So basically, the media portrays sex as a golden, glorious, fulfilling act – like godly sensations – when it’s nothing but a human trait, nothing but a function of genitalia.  How the “seniors usually buy them all” have a slight hint to underage sex as well – youth see sex as something thrilling, something for the pure sake of enjoyment- when like how there are only 3 of these bread are made a day – a low chance of anything turning out well.

I’ll skip the Jazz Club part, since it’s so damn obvious.

So basically, the next part includes them stuffing their faces with lots of food. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD.

And then complaining they’re stuffed.

It’s like our youth these days, ain’t it? I’m included as well, of course.

This new generation of youths like to take on extra responsibilities,sometimes just “to try it”, and then complaining they are stressed and whatnot. Shut up! You signed up for it yourselves, you wang-faces. If you can’t do it, drop it. But no-one’s like that -everyone lives in this perpetual sense of stress and despair. And no-one sees the light.

Since it was raining, all their plans for the day were cancelled. So they’re stuck at home reading manga – which is when they find something interesting : Yui has volumes 5 and 7 and up of a particular book, missing volume 6. Why? Volume in numerical form (add up the numbers of the letters : 22 + 15 +12 + 21 + 13 + 5 = 88 ) , you get the number 88. 88 / 6 = 14.66666 etc. It’s a subtle, if not obscure attempt to reference Satanism and racism at the same time.

As you all know 14/88 means:

The number 88 is significant because the eighthetter in the alphabet is “H”. when they are put together it makes “HH” which means Heil Hitler. The number 14 is significant to white supremacists because there are 14 lines in an expression which was coined by the white supremacist extremist David Lane.

There’s hardly any people of other races represented in Anime. And if they do, they all look like Japanese. 666’s significance needs no introduction – the number 666 has always been associated to the olden ages of Rock N’ Roll and the appropriately named Death Metal.

But perhaps the greatest impact is this:

…the fact that 3 random girls who have probably little or none experience with instruments and performing together in a  band (save Azusa and her jazz friend) can play a melody perfectly on their first try, compared to the previous K-On which say, took 2-3 episode to actually play together well.

The new generation replaces the old.  That’s what they’re trying to teach us. Nothing stays stagnant. Change is forever, even if you think something is perfect, there is surely something better to replace it. K-ON!! is one example. Just when you think you’ll never see any more decent trope-blasting mind-blowing and truly enjoyable anime to ever hit the airwaves again, Karma Or Nothing comes along and shatters that conception completely, leaving you there senseless and numb to what just happened. Only when K-On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comes out will people see the series’ true value.


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4 Responses to K-On!! 5 – A filler in a filler inside a filler? No!

  1. Nopy says:

    The jazz club part wasn’t obvious to me, can you elaborate 🙂

    • Valence says:

      It’s like a comparison of two clubs, how we like to look on to other groups of people to make ourselves feel better, but when we are exposed to their true faces, we just realise that we are in fact, the same, if not worse than them. Something like a fable based on morality, like the pot calling the kettle black.

      Also, although they are big they also lack experience, just like the HTT. Just a means to show that everyone is similar.

      I must attempt to make K-On seem as sophisticated and as complicated as possible………..

  2. biotoxic says:

    😆 @ the numbers for Volume 6.

    K-ON!! is deep, very deep.

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