Nothing like it on Earth

Gonna have to start revising for my worst subjects, Math and Physics, lest I fail. Before that, I have my usual blogging to do. The reason I’m starting to revise, right now is because I have been out for the past half a day. Had an NPCC Open House + Unit Camp meeting from 2 to 10+ pm, all lumped into one huge training session. Not that I’m complaining.

Why? It made me get that familiar feeling in Secondary 1 .

Feelings, to be exact. The feeling of dread before an event, the feeling of euphoria during the event and the feeling of longing after the event. I didn’t feel tired : I was on a high. We didn’t do anything much special, but the spirit exemplified by everyone – truly magnificent to watch.

Everyone was on a high. No-one complained,no-one really slacked around sleeping. No, everyone was participating.

Especially the Unit Camp OT, who quote : “by the end of Unit Camp, would be really bonded together.” I had to agree, since everyone was friendly with each other. There were no boundaries – there was no NCO-Cadet , Squad-Squad, Rank-Rank or whatever other classification system you can think of. There was only one group – the Unit Camp OT. This is the true definition of squad spirit.

One squad. One group – undivided and strong. Everyone seemed to be on drugs, with this sudden bout of energy despite working for the past 5 hours – and where does it come from? Synergy. Group spirit.

Yes. I know I’m wet behind the ears, not much experience with the world and intricate workings of the human mind and whatnot, but this was just touching.

So all of this only occurred to me on my way home.Grabbed some Coca-cola and a cheeseburger as a mugging snack, I walked as quickly as possible to get home, hoping to have more time.

I slowed down. I wondered, out of curiosity – why am I rushing?

Will anything change at all if I rushed? What if I walked there?

What if I decided to simply, enjoy the evening (night) breeze and take a relaxing stroll back home, with peaceful music blasting through my earphones, the outside world completely cut off?

The future. It will come, yes slowly, but eventually, however until then, let us take our own sweet time in reaching the final point. Stop and smell the roses ; enjoy everything as we can now.


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