Catching up with the Demon Lord

Just watched 3 episodes of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, up to episode 5.I’d like to say that Ichiban Ushiro isn’t as mediocre as it looks, but thanks to this sudden change in events, I can’t. Let me explain:

Episode 3

The episode starts with a flashback about Etou and her paedophile brother who surveyed her often, if you catch my drift.

In this episode, Akuto gets to be the head of the Disciplinary Committee.

But before that, insert the usual 10 minutes of meaningless fanservice.


Enter the dungeon:

Of course, the delinquents hit Akuto first, and in comes bad-ass mode.

…Hattori comes in , seeing how Akuto almost kills the delinquents, and accuses him of becoming a demon lord, to the extent where she organises an army to attack him. Before Hattori could strike Akuto, Keena appears and calls the two “best friends”.

In the end, Hattori fights off her own army. Oh you.

At the end of the episode, it turns out that Etou was controlling (or trying to control) Akuto with a certain kind of black magic:

………which backfired :She gets raped by her students. Or something. It’s just thinly veiled girl-on-girl fanservice, so scratch that.

Of course, cue the appearance of a new character:

The Treasure Map saga

I’ll just lump Episode 4 and 5 together then.

During Gym (?) , Akuto partners up with Hattori and attempts to pass a ball of energy, which of course, becomes too powerful and destroys (curiously enough) only most of Hattori’s clothing. That’s when Torii advised him to find a way to restrain his power:

In the chamber (with Kotone and Keena), he find a map which supposedly leads to treasure. Of course, it had to be linked to Etou somehow, so she grabs it when they get out. Unfortunately , Keena posted the map all around the school, leading to the students doubting Akuto and stopping him from banning students from going on the hunt, even calling him to go on the hunt itself to prove it wasn’t a trap. Which of course, he does.


But before that, he gets attacked by Eiko Teruya, that mysterious character from the previous episode. And of course, insert curiously-placed attacks and unintentional genital pleasuring (where have we seen that before, I wonder.)

Here they embark on the journey to find the treasure:After fighting off some ridiculously underpowered attackers, they get to the end, only to find that it’s all a game by the Student Council…for some reason. There’s no prize, there’s no reason at all, and Etou’s brother is involved somehow. Right.

…and for some other reason, they hold the finishing place in the previous base of the Demon Lord. That makes sense.

Etou, using the key her brother supposedly made, awakens Peterhausen,  a dragon of the previous Demon Lord which shoots not flame nor ice out of its mouth, but drills. Yes. Drills.

Of course, Akuto defeats it, and Peterhausen declares Akuto as his master.


When I watched the first episode of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, I felt that it was funny and the fighting could be better. I wondered, however, how long it would take to become an otaku-pandering Anime series.Wasn’t very long, was it?

Not only has its humour started to die out, it has become an ecchi fanservice harem series, with nudity in every episode and ecchi at every corner.  Ecchi is of course, part and parcel of harems.

However. Even though I hate harems, I don’t hate Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.


Its harem is actually likable. We don’t have the characters eternally trying to objectify themselves and have sex with Akuto. No. We just have something more like a “posse”, a group of rag-tag friends. Although I suppose it would be a harem series if you removed Hiroshi ….

Now it's a harem.


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