K-On!! 4 -Yet another “filler” episode?

..since my reviewing posts tend to be kind of bland if I do it episode-by-episode, I’ll just do a review for some anime instead.

The episode is about the HTT going on a field trip with their class. While some might be quick to scream ‘FILLER!’ , someone else will slam his/her/its table and scream in return : “OBJECTION!” I would do. This episode is full of some of the most deepest feelings and meanings throughout the course of K-On!!.

We start with this shot of the bullet train. Insignificant? I concur. It’s merely a thinly-veiled metaphor for the speed of time. “Tempus Fugit”, as the Latin call it. Time flees. The HTT will graduate soon enough, and the train is nothing but a subtle reference to that fact. So, while the episode indeed, does not make a direct reference to this fact, it lurks around in the background, filling you with a sense of despair that their ‘happy days’ shall soon be able and the light music club will be nothing but a hollow shell with one member left waiting to be cancelled, that all their pandering and girl love will not bring them anywhere, nor will it solve anything.

Even here there is a subtle reference to this dilemma. When Mio asks Nodoka why she isn’t in their group, she replies that it would be best for them to go as the ‘Light Music Club’ .  Yet another reference to how their happiness is only because they are still part of this club, yet they know there is nothing they can do to stop the club’s destruction.

Yes, life is a game. Players die and respawn again in games like Defence of the Ancients, or simply regenerate like Cirno. Similarly, life is nothing but a process of going through mistakes and learning from them.

…TOO BAD! Once the K-On crew graduates, their happy paradise will be reduced to nothingness. Such a cruel game life is.

Cows = plenty of milk. Hmm.

Their trip consists of plenty of sightseeing, for example visiting the Golden Shrine (?) and the Kitano Tenman-gu, where little innocent highschool girls go to and rub the cows in hope of gaining some of the cow’s properties. A small reference to Yui’s job as a prostitute and yet, a minor reference to the jealousy that exists in our society, how people want what others have. As such, with communism being the only solution, no-one is ever happy – K-On!! is deep indeed. Envy – one of the seven deadly sins.

The Golden Shrine (?) – yet another reference to one of the 7 deadly sins – Greed. We want money. Who does not like money? A shrine enshrining golden artefacts, with the richest member of the HTT knowing all about it – Well played, KyoAni. The richer one is, the more greed one gets, the urge to earn even more money in any way possible – isn’t that yet another problem in society?

When Sawako gets her marriage charm, she scolds the girls for indirectly insulting her. What is this? Wrath. Wrath as we are angry of what others do and behave, without rhyme nor reason. Blind rage drives our society- and K-On makes a reference to this.

And the episode ends with the random raping of Mio (again.) LUST. Lust is a heavy theme in Karma or Nothing (K-On.) Every episode talks about it, but foolish, foolish people call it moeblob. Nonsense! Lust is yet again, a heavy theme in Japan’s society as well, with all this culture being stirred up and used as negative examples to describe Japan.

And all the eating and sleeping scenes? Gluttony and sloth. Everyone lazing around, hoping for society to change on its own. It does not happen. And what do we do? We eat, we sleep, hoping it all goes away. The HTT laugh when eating and sleeping – yet again, reminding us of our own fallacies, the twisted ability to be able to laugh in our own despair , of which we do not even know of.

The deepest despair in this episode isn’t from any of its individual parts themselves. The true despair comes from the viewer, after watching the episode and blindly thinking it to be a pointless moeblob filler episode aimed at the general audience, it is, in fact, one of the most deepest episodes thus far. Not only does it confront the values of society head on, it also makes subtle references to itself- showing the hopeless delusions that the HTT have gotten into. Pride , as a result, is explored here- the HTT are too proud to see that they are (to put it bluntly), screwed.

K-On!! is like a huge chunk of rock. Only when people crumble the outer layers away,will anyone find the hidden gems within.


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  1. Nopy says:

    I thought they did emphasize the club’s limited time before graduation, but I think you’re stretching it a bit with the 7 sins 😛

  2. Valence says:

    I’m just trying to paint a rock gold.

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