World Destruction – or is it self-destruction?

So I just finished World Destruction today, and went to to check the ratings. I was sorely disappointed.

Too low? No. Too high? Yes. Everyone was giving it ratings of 8 /10, or Very Good. Generally , I don’t trust reviews like these (someone gave Seitokai a 7, that reviewer is aiming too high) so I like to make my own judgements.

The premise of the world is that the protagonists are aiming to destroy the world with Destruct Code- a fabled weapon capable of turning everything to sand. So of course, the antagonists are trying to stop them, and thus the battle between the World Destruction Committee and the World Saviour Committee begins….

The humans serve as livestock for the beastmen (role reversal.) and sand has replaced all water and fire – the seas made of nothing but sand.  Morute possesses the Destruct Code, passed to her when her brother passed away. Kyrie is enrolled into her little escapade and he wields the power to destroy the world.

Destroy the world – hmm.  How does it work? Who made it? Was it really made by God? Never mind that, this is a fantasy anime, I’ll let it pass.

So I’ll review this by stating the good and the bad – and thus do a comparison to judge how World Destruction is.

The Pros :

  • The characters are likable : They warm up to you after a while. We have the calculative Naja, the hot-blooded Morte, the tsundere and destructive Lia and many other characters which you can’t get bored with easily.  Really, it’s how they play the characters out that matters.
  • There is a twist at the end : ..but it is also a con, I will elaborate later.

The Cons:

  • The design : The beastmen are just really, really, weird, it seems that they are all just animal heads superimposed onto human bodies. When I heard the word “beastmen”, I expected something badass, gigantic and fearful – not something that looks like it came from Disney.
  • The plot : It seems that the story decided to take a vacation after episode 1 and only came back at around Episode 10. Episode 1 talks about how the WDC was formed (albeit by default) and after that it’s just a pointless cat-and-mouse chase between the WDC and the WSC, which really was useful, given their amount of expendable troops. The plot is suspended until around episode 8, upon which it starts to build up slowly, really slowly that is.
  • The twist : Too. Damn. Expectable. Seriously, there is a conception that all protagonists must be morally righteous, save little children and have tearful arguments about morality and friendship and whatnot. Seriously, destroy the entire world? Who could possibly have that resolve or determination?
  • The Destruct Code : It made no damn sense. I mean, I know it is a fantasy anime and the laws of conventional logic do not apply but (spoilers) The Destruct Code was a human being? A god-created being, capable of regeneration, high defence and eternal life – and yet, capable of losing its memories- because he keeps them in a sphere? It’s like buying a game console and missing the controllers. You’d think that when God created this guy he would give him the whole package, but no, he doesn’t.
  • The genre : It is not adequately explored. Instead of what seems to be a revenge-fueled anime which dwells on past deaths and mistakes, like how so many characters are driven by this, or instead of a adventure-friendship anime, it can’t decide on which. It’s sometimes one of the above, sometimes the other. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having two overarching themes but it’s a matter of control. It veers into one, and then the next. What are we, the viewers , supposed to make of it? One moment they talk about how they want to crush the beastmen, the next they bake a birthday cake for some random beastman. I’d rather have a constant balance of both, rather than have the anime jot around randomly without an aim in mind.

So in conclusion, World Destruction is a fine anime, given that it is, after all, merely a promotion for a DS game, but in my opinion it would have done better if it worked on its plotline, which seemed to focus on destroying itself rather than destroying the world.

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3 Responses to World Destruction – or is it self-destruction?

  1. Nopy says:

    It sounds like it’s a good thing I didn’t watch World Destruction past the first episode. I had no idea that the plot would be so bad.

    BTW, I would’ve given Seitokai a 9. It didn’t have any story, but every episode made me laugh my ass off and feel better for the rest of the day.

  2. Valence says:

    I’d give it at most a 7.5 ._. I didn’t really laugh much.

    The plot isn’t really that bad, it’s because of the sudden twist.

  3. Tam Bauman says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for more info on this just sa few days ago.

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