Strangely Addictive – No.1

Due to the upcoming exams, I would have much less time to do any actual blogging, so I have resorted to a running  a series of posts, called Strangely Addictive.

What is Strangely Addictive? Basically it refers to anything , which is, of course, strangely addictive- self-explanatory, really. A weekly series when I have nothing much to blog about.

On to the video (or videos) for this week: (child exploitation for the win.)

When I was watching Macross Frontier, that song was probably the only one I remembered because:

  1. It is really, really, catchy. I tried to get it as a ringtone, but my common sense prevented me from doing so.
  2. The dance – too , too adorable to forget.
  3. The lyrics- Easy to remember.
  4. The videos. It’s officially stuck in my head now.

Thanks to these videos (and so many others), I can’t get it out of my head anymore. It shall now haunt me during school…

So that sums up Strangely Addictive for this week, stay tuned for more if you’re interested.

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Ni Hao Nyan Goujasu Derishasu Deculture!

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