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Some people have already blasted these otaku (ugh.) as stupid, short-tempered etc. FOOLS! Those figures will be worth MILLIONS when people find out the truth behind K-On!! You foolish watchers watching K-On!! and blasting its light-hearted and adorable animation as moeblob, when the purpose of this animation is to provide us with insight on so many levels – well darn you, you won’t be making millions when K-On !!!!!!!!!!! is unveiled.

Moving on to the actual review itself.

They're a lesbian harem

Another one bites the dust

The episode starts with Yui attempting to get Mio, who looks legal, to join her brothel. Of course, being a sensible character Mio refuses.

Then suddenly Ritsu orgasms breaks down and cries about not wanting to play the drums anymore.

Cue musical squeaking sounds.

SO they spend the entire episode allowing Ritsu to play different instruments. However she epic failed didn’t do very well in playing them, so in the end she found that her true calling was the drum, and the episode ends.

Before someone out there says that this episode, like the others , was nothing but pure moeblob, allow me to explain the second layer in K-On!!. Just as how we say there are multiple levels of understanding in Literature, there are multiple ways to understand Anime. Uneducated monkeys who spend their time bashing their keyboards against the wall are quick to comment that K-On!! is simply moeblob aimed at lonely otaku , let me elaborate what this episode was about.

Ritsu, being an ADHD child and a member of Yui’s personal whore harem buddy group, is also a fan of BDSM . “Trying new instruments?” Horsefeathers! She’s trying out new sexual preferences, that’s what she’s doing!

Before I move on to that, K-On!! references itself with this:

K-On!! explores the ties in our human relationships. Just as how we are taught to stay faithful in our marriage, a couple should not cheat on one another in a relationship. However, that’s what Yui does : she cheats on Ritsu, trying to woo Mio. Furthermore, she’s already doing it regularly with her sister and Azu-slave-nyan. This , my friend, might be considered as multi-level irony.

...and that's why they don't let you join my prostitution ring.

As a result of being the I look adorable so I must act adorable and weak too so as to increase my merchandise sales character, she gives in to her lust gives in to peer pressure and joins Yui on her journey to have 100…oh wait, wrong show.

After trying out slavism, straight and the use of toys, Ritsu reverts back to BDSM. But before this, Yui, being ever so perceptive, derives why Ritsu was feeling down in the dumps .

…not enough stimulation.

And then they have fun :

"Honey" , "Sweet" , "time"

…and the aftermath:As a result, we can see that K-On is a complex anime which explores many concepts , such as underage sex, homosexualism,  and of course, cheating in a relationship, we can see that K-On is a direct reflection of our modern day context, where primal lust seems to have taken over our actions. K-On translates our follies and mistakes into “cute and adorable 2D Japanese Animation“, merely a front to educate people about our society. As such, K-On’s like a Pokemon – all it’ll do is stare into your soul and laugh as you fumble in your misery, trying to understand why it is doing so .Only those who truly understand are free, and those who do not understand only continue to suffer.


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  1. Nopy says:

    Wow, very interesting take on the meanings behind K-ON, I definitely did not see that coming.

  2. Valence says:

    Thanks, my aim is to do this for every episode of K-On!!, just to get entertained.

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