Life is not all guns and roses

Today was the first practice round for potential Shooting Competition participants (as you can see I didn’t really do that well.)

…..but moving on.

Like my three different shoots, I learnt three different things today. The first round , the shot was spread and randomly around the place , the second round doing worse than the previous with the third round being the most clustered, so to speak.

What did I learn, anyway? (spoiler : boring emo stuff.)

Lesson #1 – Some people never change

Lesson #2- You must grab opportunities once you see them

Lesson #3- There is no harm in opening a new book

Lesson 1 – Today my officers scolded the whole squad for their lack in basic discipline, which of course, I cannot deny – every week, some bugger screws up the entire operation by forgetting to bring his attire. I know I cannot do much, even if I tried they would probably ignore me anyway, but I am sick of this. Every week I work hard ensuring my attire is ready and presentable , trying to do my best for the squad , but in the end some people just never change, do they? Always perpetually forgetting things and shit.

We have not even finished half of the syllabus, which we need to complete before June, and yet the squad seems to not care. There are only 2 official meeting left, but it appears that no-one cares. There is no extra effort, there is no care nor reason. Everyone seems to be perfectly content with going home and sleeping – I, myself, am no exception, but what our officers made us do changed my perspective.

He told us to imagine that we, ourselves, were leading a hypothetical squad, possibly the worst in centuries (hinting at something.) and that we have been training them for 6 months. 6 months and their attitude and skills suck – despite all that effort we put in. That woke me up. NPCC is not spring vacation. You are expected to work for the squad, and not the other way around. That motivated me to try and change- but in the end, it would seem that nothing can be changed.

Lesson 2 – I was waiting at the bus stop with one of my fellow squadmates. Several buses passed by, which I tried not to take in the hope of being able to take a bus ride with him and have a nice journey. Time passed, and about 20 minutes later his bus came. “Bye!” – board the bus and away he goes.

What a fool I was- doing something for him and expecting the same in return. In the end I reached home at 9.30pm. As a result of hoping for something shallow and pointless, I wasted my time – when I could have been home by 9pm had I left on the first bus that came.

Opportunities are like buses. The ones you want leave fast and never come in bunches- you don’t board it immediately, you wait for the next one to come –  a slow , tiring process of waiting , just waiting for what seems like eternity.

I need to do well for NPCC and School now. Opportunities , as they say, come once in a lifetime. I have to make my mind, here and now.

Lesson #3 – The bus was very crowded , and as I was carrying many items , I was having a hard time alighting, with the door nearly closing. Thankfully, a stranger helped me to open the door – something I thanked her for.

Strangers are never who they seem to be – if they were who they seemed to be, everyone would be crooks and criminals. As they say, never judge a book by its cover, or to be more exact, never distrust others for no reason. Everyone is born with the inherent ability to do good, and strangers are human after all.

In some long-winded and backwards analogy, this could be said to opportunities and decisions- you never take any harm from reading a new book . You instead, gain knowledge and experience. Just as how you never take any harm from joining a event or making a decision, you only learn. No-one knows what would happen in the Unit Camp, or the Shooting Competition. We plunge heads in and emerge with new-found experience- something that can never be gained simply by reading or watching.

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