Dazzle! A tiny gem amongst the rocks

Just finished Hatenkou Yuugi today.

Hatenkou Yuugi, also known as Dazzle, is the charming tale of a (spoiler : adopted, double spoiler : found as an abandoned child )daughter of a rich family who is one day , booted out of the house (for some reason) and told to see the world. Along her journey to find (spoiler: the place where her father found her) she makes acquaintances with two men, Alzeid and Baroqueheat. Together, with her powers of magic and mind, she and the group helps people she runs into in her journey to “see the world”.

The unique thing about Hatenkou Yuugi is that it is like so many other anime- yet it isn’t. Sort of a paradoxical statement, but indeed. When the characters, storyline or plot seem the same, there is a twist- something that makes it different – without making it TOO different ,resulting in a subtle move from classic to original. As the story progresses on,so does the quality (the good kind. ). Each arc becomes more and more brutal, more richer and deeply emotionally involving.

One thing the story seems to run on is child-killing. Not much of the children in this story (who they run into on their journey ) survive, with one having his hands cut off (rest of body – unknown), one being shot dead, one committing suicide by setting her room on fire and shooting herself in the head and so on . As such, the classic “comedy” anime has a slight touch of sadness to it,complementing for the horrid plot that undermines Hatenkou Yuugi , hampering it from becoming truly, a “great anime”.

Hatenkou Yuugi seems to like to play around with the fundamentals a lot. The classic, “idiot” girl isn’t an idiot, she’s confident and self-assured ,fully equipped with the skill to kick ass. The classic “mysterious cold killer” has feelings of sincerity and humanity so much so that he can’t be classified as “cold”; even comic relief character Baroqueheat has his own dark side- being the most mysterious character in the group.

What pissed me off was this:

A cliffhanger. Yes, not only was the anime too short for its own good, they leave it hanging with a cliffhanger instead of expanding upon its subpar plot. Furthermore , there isn’t even a second season in the works -at all! It seems that the anime was purely a promotion for the manga, so I’m fine with that.

Could have been so much better. 7.5/10


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