Hellsing or I can’t believe it isn’t Twilight! | Voices of a Distant Star- a story which transcends through boundaries and time

Gotten around to finish Hellsing and VoaDS today.


Many people on MAL give it a bad rating because of 3 main reasons:

  1. “It does not follow the manga”
  2. It has bad art
  3. The story is screwed up / rushed/ characters underdeveloped.

Problem 1 : I have had enough with this kind of argument. It’s okay for something that is an adaptation to veer slightly off how the original source went. This has happened for stuff like Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Dance in the Vampire Bund, both highly debated Anime of the previous Anime season. I don’t see why something MUST be exactly the same as the manga. If it was, it would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it? How would you like it if they filmed war films- as an exact recount of the war itself? No entertainment at all.

Problem 2: 2001 did not really produce a lot of “spectacular art” in Anime imho, although I do admit that some scenes in Hellsing (which was made by STUDIO GONZO) were badly animated, it is wrong to mark it down just because of that- its art has its ups and downs.

Problem 3: This is pretty much the only argument I agree with. Hellsing undermines itself from its 13 episode run. As a result of not being 24 episodes, its story was hastily rushed and the characters were underdeveloped. Alucard is ridiculously overpowered, fun to watch in battle but otherwise not much. Seras was nice to watch though,gives a different take on becoming a vampire.

Now, before I move on to the actual review, I would like to state something.

It is wrong to say something is better or worse than something else merely by stating one’s pros and cons. It’s like saying Brand X of detergent is better than Brand Y of cigarettes because Brand X detergent can be used to clean properly. To see whether something is good or bad, you must pit it against its own field. In this case, I need something about Vampires with action and character relationships.

So, in this case, we have …

Hellsing v.s. Twilight.

…because logical, sane or serious reviews just aren’t my thing.

Synopsis : Hellsing is about Alucard, his vampire slave Seras and their job under Hellsing. Alucard’s a powerful vampire who is also a vampire hunter, who uses guns in combat. BADASS. Twilight is about a 100+ year old virgin’s profound love story for this 15 year old girl and their dysfunctional family(The Cullens).

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” (Edward)
“What a stupid lamb.” (Bella)
“What a sick masochistic lion.” (Edward)

That pretty much sums up the Twilight saga- the glorification of an abusive, violent relationship painted to looks like a good relationship. At least in Hellsing they make that badass.

Characters: Let’s pit vampire v.s. vampire and partner v.s partner.

Alucard v.s. Edward. Well, let’s see now, one’s a gunman who has walked the past millennia looking for a worthy opponent, capable of regeneration, strength, shape-shifting, and actually knowing how to fight, he lays waste to any enemies. Edward : Sparkles. Also capable of regeneration and strength, but does not burn in the sun. May be a closet homosexual posing as a vampire, since he refuses sex with Bella, and he’s a 100+ year old virgin.


Seras v.s. Bella : Seras  is profound and better developed, having to come to terms with the twisted reality that she is now a vampire and giving in to her desires for blood . Knows how to fight. Bella ..well..

Yes, well-developed indeed.

Art : Two different mediums, cannot judge.

Music: While Twilight runs on music better spent somewhere else (since they don’t really help in any way) Hellsing’s music composer did a great job with the jazz and rock tunes, played appropriately of course.

Conclusion: Although I do not agree that Hellsing is “very good” , I can only come to the conclusion that Hellsing is better than Twilight – which is common sense, really.

Now that my random spazz sequence is over, moving on to my review of Voices of a Distant Star.

Voices of a Distant Star

For this one, I cannot do a comparison -it is unique in its own right.

Story : Long-distance love between two high school students, Mikako and Noboru. When Mikako gets sent by the UN to explore and trace down the aliens (can’t remember their name). As Mikako and her ship leaves further and further away from Earth, the messages take longer and longer to be received on Earth, from a period of 3 months to at the end, 8 years and 222 (?) days.

Well, this blows the traditional “long distance love” thing out of the water. This is the most extreme form of distance- light years. Not days or weeks, kilometres or countries, but light years. As a result, both parties are distanced- Noboru tries to distance himself from Mikako and become independent- but fails , when he received Mikako’s message when he was 24. The messages become the only things that drive the both of them on with life- Mikako with the will to survive and Noboru with the will to be independent.

It is indeed, emotional, but I didn’t cry, I just felt depressed and sad for pretty much the entire hour. It would appear that Mikako dies (?) at the end, seeing as how most of her comrades are fallen down when they invade the alien’s home planet, which makes it all the more sadder. A perfect love story, trimmed of extra stuff they add in TV series like ecchi or comedy. A diamond amongst the rocks- brilliant.\

Art: Some people stop watching because of its poor art. The characters look malformed in some scenes,the scenery gets screwed up sometimes. So?

ZUN’s character art was horrible, did that stop anyone from playing Touhou Project games?

Furthermore, Voices of a Distant Star was not made by a studio, but by one guy on his iMac -quite impressive, really.

The 3d art was brilliant, makes Macross Frontier’s 3d looks mediocre.

The character art needs more work though, but nevertheless good as a whole.

Music/ Sound : Suits the theme well, Makoto and Tenmon make a great team. Also, the characters are voiced by Makoto and his wife (?) , which puts certain voice actresses to shame…

Enjoyment : 9 – I wanted a less ambiguous ending. The ending was kind of Toradora-esque, ending with both characters saying the same love-related phrase – “I love you ” and its multiple transformations.

Overall :10/10….although it does lack in some areas, it was great.

This only cost me $5 , and it even comes with extras and She and Her cat (which was sort of nice too. ) Compared to certain anime which cost me much more (boxset of 10 episodes of Yugioh- $30) this is great, really. (Hellsing cost me $1.50 -secondhand ftw.)

Well , that sums up my Anime for this weekend  ( I’m too lazy to review Minami-Ke. )

Have a good week ahead! (if that’s possible.)

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3 Responses to Hellsing or I can’t believe it isn’t Twilight! | Voices of a Distant Star- a story which transcends through boundaries and time

  1. Nopy says:

    I never finished watching Hellsing, but I did see Voices of A Distant Star a long time ago and I thought it was great. I thought it could’ve been a bit longer, but it was made with just one guy on his computer, so I’ll let that slide.

  2. moemoekyun says:

    for hellsing i only read the manga and the manga kinda “weird”

  3. Valence says:

    Hellsing was interesting, although I bought it because it was cheap.

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