I figured how to get more viewers.

I realised that my blog lacks focus. Why would anyone follow a blog where the author simply posts about his life? He’s not some kind of superhero nor celebrity- just an average Joe, who would care?

So I traced this problem down to its root : My attempt to blog every day. It’s impossible. I simply don’t get to watch Anime everyday, so my blog posts run into melodramatic posts about life.

I suppose that that means I should re-adjust my targets , or blog post ratio.

Firstly, I won’t try to post every day. It’s simply impossible, and the posts become banal.

Secondly, I’ll shift the focus to Anime reviews. For every 1 non-anime post, there should be 2 anime posts. I need a focus in my blog posts, so this would be a good decision. I’ll finish up some anime and start writing more reviews, of course, making sure I refrain from pointless chatter.

Thirdly : A new category, called ‘review’. Review =/= rant, as I came to realise.

Well, that’s that. The new anime post should be up before tomorrow.

Time to hit my targets.

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  1. statwiz says:

    Great ambition as a blogger O_O

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