K-On!! 2 cum K-On!! impressions

K-On!! is not a moeblob anime. It’s a deep, psychological anime that mere fools like us can never understand. Its meanings and teachings are profound and complex, not what they seem at first value. Just as how famous psychological anime like Serial Experiments Lain or Paprika seem like a load of hodgepodge on face value, K-On!! does too .

But before I elaborate why, I’ll do a brief review of K-On!! 2.

Indeed, K-On!!……..had nothing to do with the previous episode. No new members are found.

So we start with the simple slice-of-life beginning:

I wonder why you fail your exams.

Once they wake Yui from her drug-induced slumber, their club activities start. Apparently, they need to loan their animal costumes to the Drama Club.  Which would be simple, if only:

their storage room was better kept.

Cue annoying Opening Theme :

So they plan a clean-up of the club room. Taking care of plushies , dusting cupboards, clearing stuff, the works. Nothing much here, when suddenly Azusa realises a shocking truth:

After some rumbling, they find Jack ILL Dark’s guitar in their club room. Jack ILL Dark of DMC fame of course.

Oh wait, it’s Sawako’s guitar.

Why couldn't they have made a band with members as badass as this one? I'd totally watch that...oh wait Beck.

since I’m too lazy to do a proper review, in short they sell the guitar for 500000 yen (gasp.) and buy new stuff for the club room and themselves, all the while messing around.

Moving on to the K-On!! impressions.

Why is K-On!! psychological?

Any sane, rational person can tell from the character list. Just describing one character is enough to prove that K-On!! isn’t one-dimensional moeblob.

Yui Hirasawa- A special child forced into the prostitution business by her alcoholic father and her druggie mother, school is the only place for Yui to be free. Thanks to the constant stylings of Disturbed , Metallica and PINK playing in her house, she decides to join what appeals to her the most : death metal..i mean light music. Problem is, she doesn’t know how to play a guitar.  In the process she makes friends with Tsumugi Kotobuki, who killed her parents for their inheritance..i mean a seemingly normal token rich kid who doubles as a fortress guard under the guise of “Felicia Hiedeman” , Ritsu Tainaka, the attention-deficit hyperactive disorder..i mean energetic drummer, Mio Akiyama, the unfortunate girl stuck with the likes of such bad company and Azusa Nakano,  Yui’s stalker and love interest, Yui commonly calls her Azu-nyan due to how she meows in bed..i mean looks like a cat.  To top it all off, a satanic death metal  guitar player..i mean a friendly schoolteacher, Sawako Yamanaka , who constantly tries to get them to dress up to fulfil her sick fantasies..i mean to obtain new members.

I can’t possibly describe the complexity of each episode, so I’ll just do an in-depth discussion for this one.

“Spring-cleaning?” It’s simply foreshadowing for the next few episodes, where Yui , the resident lesbian ..i mean girl who loves hugs clears up the dust about her past relationships with the other club members (the next episode, “Drummer”, will talk about her past relationship with Ritsu) while keeping it a secret from her lover good friend Azusa.

Stop doing" that"? Have you ever wondered where her other hands are?

Shopping-  just as how the Wired in Serial Experiments Lain can be argued to be a metaphor about the brevity of life, the shopping trip is yet another throwback to Yui’s past. After gaining a huge sum of money through coercion through selling Sawako’s old guitar, they buy new things- after gaining money from her clients , Yui uses it to buy new things as well, namely pay off her parents’ debts and buy the entire house.

Ui was pretty incestuous as well, frequently patronising her sister's brothel.

At the end, when Sawako lectures them to be honest, it’s nothing but a subtle reference to the illegal trade that is Yui’s secret prostitution. After all, that’s what K-On, an abbreviation, stands for : Karma Or Nothing. Yui’s past keeps coming back to haunt her, just as in Karma, they say what goes around, comes around. As a result, Yui keeps on the eternal masquerade of being a moeblob ..i mean cheerful person, hiding her past from her club members- can you see how this is indeed, a reflection of our modern society ? Everyone is wearing a mask. The next episode would probably unveil Ritsu’s past as well, for example, the reason for her being like with ADHD ..i mean so energetic all the time. Is she, like Yui , faking it as well?

Even better still, the anime carries with it multiple levels of irony. Instead of finding someone who can spell her name and play the guitar, the members spend each waking moment trying to teach her to play the guitar, as she is , for some reason, the crucial member of their group to prevent them from being cancelled.  Just as how they label themselves the Light Music club, their activities consist of Light and Music- Light teatime snacks and musical instruments as room decorations.

As such, we can see that K-On is an anime which brutally scrutinizes every aspect of society itself, from the vice-fuelled illegal child labour industries to the lies and deceptions upheld by the mass media.

K-On!! will be the greatest psychological anime ever. It’ll screw around with the basic fundamentals of life itself, every cruel truth mercilessly panned in its episodes, hidden as moeblob elements to the watchful eye, who will see the true worth in K-On. K-On subconsciously rapes your mind upside-down ..i mean assault your mind with spectacular visuals and deep storyline. While some people with proper taste ..i mean noobs will label it moeblob at the very start, they will never get to experience the psychological horror anime which is K-On!!.

Mugi, Yui and Azusa filming a "video", this is one of the screenshots which would prove crucial in the investigation of the crime, which will be elaborated upon in K-On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

K-On!! is definitely worth the watch for psychological anime lovers.

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  1. Lee Ming Xuan says:

    … That’s a new way of interpreting K-on.

    I like your sense of humor… sadly

  2. Valence says:

    I decided to not take my K-On reviews seriously, I’ll do this for all the other episodes of K-On!!.

  3. biotoxic says:

    This must be the unexplainable pulling power of K-ON!!. You have unveiled the hidden truths that us mere mortals have overlooked. 😆

    I’ll be staying tuned for the next episode of this “K-ON!!” that’s for sure.

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